So this is Giant Bomb?

Two things brought me to Giant Bomb...

Mega64: A group I have followed for a couple of years now
Deadly Premonition: A quirky polarizing game that I found out about

  I first heard of Giant Bomb when I listened to their GDC podcast with Mega64 and 5th Cell as guests!  I was more excited to hear what Mega64 but I was really entertained by the Giant Bomb group as well.  Of the group I had only heard of Jeff Gerstmann beforehand, and that's only because of the whole Kane and Lynch incident.  After the podcast I had kind of forgotten about them.  Later on I had come across a game called "Deadly Premonition", an odd game horror game that had the feel of a B-movie and a sprinkle of Twin Peaks.  I was sold on the concept, but not on the gameplay.  I then found out that Giant Bomb had done a whole playthrough of the game on their site and reluctantly decided to watch it.  I was entertained by both playthroughs and I had gained a higher appreciation for Vinny, Brad, Jeff, and Ryan after watching through it all.  It was after that I started listening to their podcast, watching their quick looks, and reading their reviews.  I had become a fan of their work.

I'll be sticking around for a while and enjoying their site!  I might even sign up to be a member!  (Hey if it brings them over to New York I'm sold)

That's about it for now I think I've written more than I thought I would!

-Evan Buchholz