Mark of the Ninja, and the forgotten good stealth games

Something has been bugging me lately. For many of the end of year wrap ups, outlets are describing Mark of the Ninja as been the first fun stealth game and I disagree. While I believe it is a great game and deserving of all its accolades I just can't agree with it being the first fun one I have played. While many stealth games are a mess of trial and error scenarios I feel they are good ones which are completely ignored, as they can be counteractive to the point which is been made.

Many of the best stealth games allow them to be played as action games also. The Uncharted series allow you and expect you to be stealthy which in turn becomes an action sequence through conspired events or though the players own mistakes. The Metal Gear solid series also tries to straddle these lines but struggles to be a good action game, not until 4 did they start to achieve this. The latest Splinter Cell also does many of the same things that these two do, and that is they allow the player to keep playing after being discovered and that the player isn't penalised (gameplay-wise) for it, playing on afterwards is a viable option for succeeding even Mark of The Ninja does this,. This I believe is something which is important in making stealth games fun. It is hard to argue with games with stealth sections that fail you instantly for being spotted but I feel that is more got to do with the mechanics of the game not being too fun in the first place.

Anyway just my thoughts on something I haven't heard many people talk about