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@raven10: My laptop could handle DA: Origins without any issue.

Thanks for the suggestions all, I'm going to give Baulder's Gate a shot and then maybe play KOTOR again for old times sake.

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@bambamcz: You know, I did play KOTOR 1&2 back when they where released, but maybe it's time for a new play-through.

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Hey duders,

With the gaming dry season upon us and with me having some time on my hands I need something to play. Anyone have some good recommendations for a PC RPG? I'm looking for something along the lines of Dragon Age: Origins. I'm running a 3 year old laptop so nothing cutting edge.

Thanks guys and gals

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Thanks for the info guys and gals. I've already had some fun playing around with the basics.

another good source I found is http://learncss.tutsplus.com/ which looks good for people like myself, who have never written a line of code in there lives.

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Hey dudes,

I decided I want to learn HTML and CSS for shits and giggles, would anyone have some advice on resources that could help me out here? I have found some options but would like some good references before I waste any time/money on a bad training application.

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@Praedos: I would say play ME3, the game has a couple of the highest highs of the trilogy, but feels a little rushed and the ending seems strapped together for the purpose of causing "discussion" (that has to be the best cover for making shitty media). Just temper your expectations and enjoy some more time with your crew and the game is awesome. However, I have not played Witcher 2 so I can't really compare the two.

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So, I had a lot of fun playing this game. So much so that I want to keep playing it and go for my full 1000 points. Problem is that I have a bunch of little stuff to do that is very difficult after you have cleared out the city, so if anyone is looking for a co-op partner to help with anything I am right here and I would love to lend a hand and in the process I can grind out a couple of cheevos, that's a win win in my book.

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@Wuddel: Yup, I think that if you want to play the MP at all then you should buy it sooner rather than later. There is a strong presence on the 360 for now but 2 more huge shooters are coming later this season and it will probably lean out a bit then. And if you are worried about achievements then I think the hoard mode coming out in October will make most (but not all) of those much easier.

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@Wuddel: When I am playing a video game and see a Super Soldier of some kind speaking German my first instinct is "Oh, this is the result of some Nazi experiment to bring about the Fourth Reich"

@kingzetta: I don't think that makes me a racist as I don't assume that German people are Nazis in the real world, just in video games. But if it does then I apologize.

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So, I was looking on Youtube for collectibles guide and found footage of the German language version for the game


and I gotta say.........fuck that's creepy!

The 40k universe is morally ambiguous at the start, with there being no "good guys" and all. But once you have Space Marines (read, the genetically enhanced master race) speaking in space German rather than space British, that whole world takes a darker turn.

Plus, German speaking orks is just fucking weird