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 Hey guys, 
Thought you might like to check out my latest XBLIG, Dysnomia. You play as a space marine forced to make an emergency landing at a mining outpost. The aim of the game is to repair your ship and find out what happened to the inhabitants of the base. 
The game's inspired by Alien Breed and Gauntlet, and we like to think we've gone above and beyond the usual quality of the Indie Games channel ;)

For more info and to grab the trial version, head to http://www.dysnomiagame.com. We're currently working on a PC release for those without a 360. 

Hope someone here enjoys it!     

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Yay, GB finally get around to looking at Indie Games! 
I'm going to pimp my forthcoming game, Dysnomia, just for you guys:

Should be out sometime in March next year.
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UK, Isle of Wight here.

Site is pretty laggy from this side of the pond at the moment :o