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I don't like how the motion controls completely disable up and down on the stick, instead of working in tandem like the 3DS Zelda motion controls.

Also I do not like that it uses my Mii's name instead of my NNID. But maybe that's not specific to this game, I don't think I've played any other online games on the Wii U.

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I don't see this doing anything positive for the end user.

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I cheesed the boss in Barry's section so much. For the first part I just danced back and forth by that little pile in the room, keeping it between us, and it never got close. And for the second part I killed the two enemies that came and then plopped the power cube in place and left without killing it. I didn't think it would just skip the fight, I figured it would chase me or something...

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The 3DS has a system transfer option in the settings. It's pretty easy to do. You'll also want to transfer the files on your 3DS SD card onto your micro SD for your New 3DS.

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Looks surprisingly well made for what it is.

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Serious question: Were the lyrics to that song being sung in Japanese?

Because that would explain why nothing she said sounded like real words. I thought I could occasionally hear one or two words in English so I wasn't sure.

Also who controls Hatsune Miku? She's not a robot or an AI, there must be a puppet master right? is it one person or a group? What corporation is underneath those sparkling blue eyes?!

It's English, that's why it sounds so weird. Vocaloids sing Japanese much better than English.

I think Crypton Future Media owns her.

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@patrickklepek Since you're the anime editor you should check out Yamishibai. The episodes are only like 5 minutes long, you've got time for that!

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What happens when something newer than the New 3DS comes out? Think further than 12 seconds into the future Nintendo.

Newer 3ds? That has them covered for at least 3 more years!

What'll they do after "Newest 3DS"?