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Fulton, NY, USA

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Here's why metric is superior: assuming you know the basic lengths, that 12 inches make a foot, 3 feet make a yard and 1760 yards make a mile, then tell me how many inches there are in a mile? Unless you've memorized the answer, you'd be hard-pressed to calculate 12*3*1760 in your head.

Well I'm pretty sure you'd just convert directly from feet to miles. People really only ever use yards if they are talking about football.

I really don't see how that makes it superior, though. I cannot think of any realistic scenario where someone would actually have to convert from miles to inches. Do people in other countries have lots of conversations like "I ran 8 kilometers today. That's 800000 centimeters, you know." Also I own a cellphone that has a calculator and also the internet. Why would I ever be trying to do equations in my head?

I'm very likely biased towards the American system, but it seems more like it is based on actual practical use rather than just having the roundest numbers. I don't know what Fahrenheit is based off, but I know that 0 degrees is uncomfortably cold and 100 degrees is uncomfortably hot. If I am going to jump in a pool I am very rarely concerned that it might be close to boiling, and primarily concerned with how comfortable I will feel being in it. Typical highway speed limits around where I live are 65 miles per hour. If I am driving past a rest stop and see a sign that says the next rest stop is in 38 miles, I instantly know that I should stop and poop now if I don't think I can hold it for about 38 more minutes. If I ever need to measure something but don't have anything to measure with, I can use my actual foot to estimate how many feet it is.

Metric makes sense for science and shit when you actually need to sit down and figure out exact measurements and plug them into formulas. And we use it in science class.

And as for Month/Day/Year, maybe it would help if you thought of it as Year/Month/Day for people who realized that saying what year it is is redundant so we put it at the end or just leave it off entirely.

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Aren't Vinny playing Dark Souls or Brad Playing Devil May Cry or Demon's Souls or Vinny's ongoing cycle of killing and reviving Dracula all pretty much Endurance Runs? Except with the more relaxed setting of doing it when they have time or feel like it, rather than forcing themselves to put up an episode a day?

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@cbk486 said:

Does anyone else feel (or have felt) this way - that every attempt to improve yourself will inevitably end in failure, so why bother?

Yes, almost all the time.

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I'm not going to defend the bulk of that statement, but so far as I know, cishet is a rather technical description of a certain gender association. I'd be happy to be corrected if I'm wrong.

... and so were moron, idiot, retarded, etc. I honestly have no clue if it's a technical term and/or commonly used in a derogatory manner, but being a "technical description" is apparently not enough to keep a word acceptable (if history is a good indicator) in spite of being used predominantly as an insult.

I think the problem with it is that the majority of people it describes don't know what it means and therefore would not describe themselves with it, so it's primary usage is for people it does not describe to refer to people it does describe, and if they are airing grievances about them the general usage of the word can end up being predominantly negative.

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No one said they shouldn't have been hired. We were just hoping that other kinds of people had been hired. Those two ideas can be separate.

I feel like some people did say exactly that, though. Maybe only one or two, but after reading them it kind of felt like that's what everyone saying they were "disappointed" actually meant.

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All I saw first hand was people using Giant Bomb's acceptance of criticism as a free pass to be jerks, and other people responding to them like jerks, resulting in a whole mess of garbage that made me wish this site had some sort of ignore function to automatically hide posts from the handful of people that kept going back and forth. It's a shame some people can't be mature and that they feel the need to harass people that they disagree with.

@rorie said:
Rudeness to staff, moderators, other site users, and anyone else, on Twitter or elsewhere, will lead to moderation. So please keep things constructive.

Taking a stance like that always worries me that a person who took Fawkes as a username on other sites before I could get it turns out to be some kind of jerk. :(

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Guys, I think Jeff is doing all of this because we named Yoshi "Gerstman" during SGDQ this week...

Or, according to Patrick, we named Jeff "Yoshi."

I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one annoyed by that.

Wait, what were you annoyed by? heh.

People raising over $6300 for charity to poke fun at Jeff's exaggerated hate of Yoshi?

They are referring to this tweet, I think. Patrick should've said "Yoshi's being named after him". I guess that's annoying.

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I'm scared, Vinny.

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[1/2] Also, if you're looking for "higher fidelity tech" to rescue motion control gaming, you fundamentally misunderstand physical play.

— Douglas Wilson (@doougle) May 14, 2014

This statement sounds like it is saying things are supposed to be wonky and the action on screen is supposed to be disjointed from the actions in the real world. If that is the case then I'll be glad when the Kinect is completely dead and buried. I have no interest in lowering my expectations for video game controls to a point where it doesn't matter if the game does what I want it to.

Oddly enough, the Kinect is what brought me to Giant Bomb in the first place. Someone gave me a link to the livestream they were doing when it launched. Watching it reminded me of when I was a kid and I would fall in a hole in a mario game, and then turn to whoever was watching me and say "BUT I PRESSED THE JUMP BUTTON" while holding up the controller and making exaggerated button presses. Only now everyone could see that actions were being performed correctly, but the game just wasn't listening.

And I don't think you can just blame developers for Kinect games being bad. If that were the case, there would be a good Kinect game out there you could point to that got it right, and everyone who played it would agree that the controls totally worked and it wasn't crap. But I've never heard such a thing. I don't think I've even seen a piece of footage of a Kinect being used that doesn't have someone going "Xbox.... Xbox..... Xbox".