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"And I did not chip in ten grand to seed a first investment round to build value for a Facebook acquisition."

Yes, you did. Everyone did. And Oculus probably won't be the last time backers struggle with this idea.

On some level, I get it. It doesn't feel fair. You were on the ground floor, and a bunch of other people get the big money.

Patrick this part sounds like you are saying Notch is sad because he didn't get any of the money. That doesn't make any sense though because he is already a gazillionaire as you stated. I haven't even seen anyone say they backed it and feel entitled to some money and I don't think that is part of this backlash at all.

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I'd be pretty bummed if I had given them kickstarter money.

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This is really annoying.

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I played Demon's Souls a long time ago and I don't remember liking it. But all the 'Souls' content on the site lately has me kind of interested in Dark Souls 2.

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According to the update on this article, even if you own a game digitally you won't have access to it free or charge, which is pretty much the only reason I cared about this service. Since it's not the backwards compatibility/digital rights scenario I was looking for I have no interest in it. Just make a PS1 emulator for PS4 and let me keep the games I already paid for instead please.

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@williamhenry: I don't think I got very many of them until rank 5. Each one has a minimum rank to be able to be the one starting it, however anyone can be invited to them.

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I got in and finished the first two tutorial missions before free roam. It said I set a world record when I lost that race. But then I tried to make a new character and it won't go. I think it is trying to put me and my friend in the tutorial together and just not doing it. Really I don't even understand why the first 20 minutes of GTA Online have to be online.

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I chose C because I didn't want to kill any of them. Although I thought C might be the "kill Franklin" choice, but I wasn't sure, and on the way to the foundry I figured it was just going to end like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with them all dying in a last stand, but then it turned into the perfect ending.

Then I watched the other two endings on youtube and they are terrible, and it's stupid they are even in the game. I feel bad for anyone who picked A or B.