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@jrm: Cain might be the greatest HW ever, so I'm not going to hold that against Brock to much. At the very least Brock was a top 10 HW. Punk wouldn't even be a top 10 MW in Bellator.

Joe Rogan could beat him in a fight right now. I wish I was kidding. Punk is only a white belt in BJJ, he says he studied Kempo when he was a growing up. Kempo is a joke in MMA.

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2 individuals get into some shit with one another and 300+ million people lose their minds. Why can't we all just realize there are shit people in this world, and they are going to do shit things.

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All the PS1 FF's are good. That's all that matters.

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They're getting use to the new office.

sorry the thread was missing it.

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I did not realize equipping final attack with revive, and miming kotr was a challenge.

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the podcast talent is thin as is.

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I use to be like you, about every 3 months I pretty much became Travis Bickle. But then I did some psychedelics (after much research, I'm not a drug user) and it fixed pretty much everything. It gave me a new perspective on life.

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Jeff is an asshole, but he is not the kind of asshole who would deny someone a job due to gender or race.