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Maybe once they get use to the new office.

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The Reverend Al Sharpton. The cast needs some diversity. If cheerios can do it, so can GiantBomb!

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First world problems

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Its less speedy, and more his slow and lazy friends that make it racist.

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WASD, E to interact, Space to jump, Shift to sprint, Ctrl to crouch. Anything else is madness.

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He isn't bad at games, he just cracks under any sort of pressure. Just look at that Dantes Inferno quick look.

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How do you get bullied on the internet? Isn't this just assholes and trolls trying to get a rise out of people for their own amusement? Are you living in fear because some faceless person on the internet said some mean shit about you? You have to ignore it. Any other reaction lets them win.

Patrick can say he's going to stand up and fight back, but it will just make him more of a target. I don't care how big your voice is, you are not going to extinguish assholes from this planet, nothing can, especially from the internet.

Use your voice to help out kids who are terrorized by real life bullies day in and day out. They are living with real fear every day of their lives, not just getting mad because some troll online is an asshole.

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I chose the woman, to avoid promoting the blatant sexism and gender stereotypes.

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@jakob187: The 5 Superbowl wins aren't enough of a dream?