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I really love rally and the WRC, too bad the WRC game wasn't very good. Go Mikko!!

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I still have my Twin Peaks box set kicking around somewhere. Loved that series. 
@carminescarf said:
" @BigLemon said:
" Anybody else see Kyle Maclachlan and think, "Hey, kid from Blue Velvet!" ? "
Also Dune & Wild at Heart. David Lynch Loves Kyle MacLachlan. "
While not a Lynch film, "The Hidden" was also great with him in it.
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I used to watch that! :D

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Anyone come across any videos or pics of amazing Halloween costumes they have seen? They don't have to be yours or anyone you know, just ones that make you love this holiday even more.
Here is my submission to kick things off.

Happy Halloween, everyone!
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Free is my kind of price!

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@lordofultima said:
" @Rob_NYY said:
" Might be worth it if they looked past the NES for their all star line up. "
Super Mario World is a JOKE compared to the NES versions. Ahh it was a great game though, that's for sure. "
Agreed. There is no Mario All-Stars without the NES ones. To release a Mario collection without Mario 1-3 is just stupid.
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I love NBA Jam, but $50?
Would you guys buy that TMNT Reshelled game for $50?
Would you buy Hydro Thunder HD at $50?
How about that Outrun Online for $50?
It's a remake of an arcade game. People are freaking out that it''s fifty dollars because it's fifty dollars!    For an arcade remake.

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At one time, it was peanut butter jelly time.
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Red Alert 3 was awesome and got good reviews, even from this site, so why all the hate? Kids crying for attention, again?

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I never bought the TMNT arcade game because the SNES port was so much better (which I own), but this I will be getting on day one for sure! Can't wait.