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Most used games I get at this point are old xbox games (only old console I still have) that I never got around to--I get random urges to go check out some of that stuff I never got around to initially.

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@laivasse: Ian McKellen isn't a method actor--he's theater trained. Method acting refers to those who refuse to "break" character when the director calls "Cut." Daniel Day Lewis does count, not because McKellen is less skilled (when I first saw him in Apt Pupil, I assumed he was a crusty, old German dude--how little I knew) but because Lewis is the type of actor who lives the way his character lives--if I remember correctly he spent the entire shoot of Last of the Mohicans (sic) living in a teepee he'd built himself.

At the end of the day, method is just a tool actors can use. Ultimately, if you can tell if an actor is method or not by his performance, his performance probably isn't very good.

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@Chrjz: Those are my two as well.

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Eternal Darkness is the oldest one currently coming to mind. I did get a hold of a copy a couple months ago, so there's actually a chance it will happen.

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Would those that hate "gamer" prefer "gamist"?

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It was no Crank, but I had to see it for Drew's performance.

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DS9 is my favorite--I favor writing with a focus on characters, and DS9 had the best ones. Loved TNG and ToS. Voyager was good, but it was during its run that I got a bit exhausted of all things Trek (school started becoming a bigger focus at that time). Never watched Enterprise, so I don't have an opinion on it--other than the basic idea behind it could be cool, if done well.

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I'm beginning to play a lot more PS3 games and plan on moving towards a PC, but at the moment mostly 360. I have had more friends with a 360 than a PS3. Also, I hate the system uses to download games/other stuff from the store and the update system for the console itself. PS Plus has made a lot of that stuff easier, but my hate for those things kept my PS3 a just-Blu-Ray-player for a while.

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As long as it's not my six year old.

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@Jayzilla said:

i totally forgot i started that thread back in the day. thanks for the trip down memory lane. oh boy, was i ever a douche.

If you were Jayzilla909, I might believe you.

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