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I hope Bombin in the AM will survive in some capacity.

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@cornbredx: They didn't ignore this movie with Days of Future Past, they fixed it.

*broad plot spoilers*

They used time travel to take Wolverine from Last Stand universe to go back in time and save the future--which made a much more hopeful setting for future movies. Basically the newest movie used a similar conceit to Star Trek 11 and at least one or two Doctor Who episodes.

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Well, I'm very late to the party, but I bought D4 as soon as I brought home my Xbox. It and Sunset Overdrive are probably my favorite games on the system right now.

With the exception of a bug--since patched--that left me on a black screen, I greatly enjoyed D4. Even if there is never a season 2, I fully recommend the title to any who can play it.

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@midjet said:

@corevi: I don't think there was enough hype for it to disappoint over.

True, although at this point it could be in the running for Most Disappointments--it just seems to be one thing after another.

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After hearing Jeff and others describe the issues of that pebble-thing, I can't imagine paying whatever mark-up the wrist band adds for the watch.

But I also don't like wearing a watch, so I am probably not the market for this under any circumstances.

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I would debate your use of "empathize" (instead of sympathize) in the colorblind section. Empathize implies you share the feelings in some way. If you've experienced vision issues while trying to play a game, that might work; but your piece doesn't imply that.

Granted, there are too many who have started using empathize in place of sympathize because people started equating sympathy with pity (which is also annoying). I hate this because I feel it cheapens all words involved.

Oh well--shouting out loud when no one cares, and so forth.

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I felt similarly to the character in the infamous games. When I tried to play the first game, I made just choices like I always had, and my growing hate for that character prevented me from getting more than an hour into that game. When I later tried the downloadable vampire version, I played as a vengence-seeker being consumed by the blood-lust--and I enjoyed every moment. Turns out he wasn't such a bad character--he was just a terrible hero. Make him a dick and the scratchy, WB-actor voice no longer becomes grating but perfect casting.

Now at some point I'll go back and give 1 another try (or maybe go straight to 2), but the character I control will be a monster.

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@joshwent said:

This is a really weird structure for a news article. Like Patrick kept interrupting himself while he was trying to write.

Just trying some stuff out. I really like the approach Vox has taken with some of its stories -- finding a way to communicate everything really early, and then trying to contextualize extraneous information using headers that prepare the reader for the information that's ahead.

I enjoyed the structure but in future, I'd like a picture of Alex Navarro (with his best, put-off look) next to the questions--regardless of whether he actually contributed any content to the article.

While reading the article, I automatically imagined Alex's voice asking the questions and it made me smile.

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@yakov456 said:

Whatever happened to the freedom to create what you want. If this is what Nintendo created and they are fine with it then so be it. Don't buy it and go create your own game.

That freedom is there--it's happening. There is also a process of criticsm and in this modern world, forum discussions are a part of that--even before the final product exists. If this is what people want to post about, then so be it. Don't read it and go create your own thread........... too bitchy?

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Just to add a bit more to the dictionary discussion, homophobic does need intent to be determined, but if we want to discuss whether Nintendos work in this case is prejudice--intentionally or not--it is very easy to do.

Since prejudice is merely pre-judging a situation before you have all information, intent is not required.

And based on the discussion, there are many who feel Nintendo has made judgments that seem naive and ignorant.