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So the rumor-mill has been turning up these tablet rumors for about ever by now, and if you've been following you'll know that it seems like this tablet from Apple will be announced this fall or early next year.  Regardless I came across this story on Engadget which talks about an analyst that supposedly got some hands on time with the product.  In his description he said that "gaming is a big part of it".  Now just for pure speculation what do you think a tablet could do for gaming?  I could imagine some cool RTS or board game, but what else do you think?  Perhaps this is the first step towards another true Apple console.

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Both were great, but I believe that Microsoft's full body motion control will pave the way for the future rather than Sony's.

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Advice: if you don't know who someone or what something is, chances are it's in the wiki.  This is obvious but I know someone somewhere is going who the heck is John Carmack.

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Maybe the console trick is too easy.  It's really meant to be ingame things, such as Cloud is in Final Fantasy ViI, which is in the FF series , Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was on the gameboy advance, so was Mario vs Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong is a monkey, like Ai-Ai.  Someone else come up with a harder one.  I realize I used a console, but I didn't just jump out to the generic console category; rewatch the "How to Build A Bomb"  videos for a better understanding.

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cool, lets get a harder one

Cloud (of Final Fantasy) and Ai-Ai (of Super Monkey Ball)
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Lets start a few rounds of the connection game Jeff and Ryan played before the bomb launched.  In case you missed the episodes it works like this:

One person offers two topics in video games, such as Rocket Launchers and Squirtle
It is then up to others to draw a connection between the two; for example Rocket Launchers are in Fallout 3, Fallout 3 is an RPG, Pokemon is also an RPG and Squirtle is in Pokemon.
If you give a connection offer another set; I'll give the first:
Bananas and Axel Steel (of Guitar Hero)