A couple of ideas for Giant Bomb

So I've been a fairly long time user of the site, and in my time I've come up with a couple of ideas which I feel could either improve it, make it better, or increase it's quality.

  1. User created quests. It feels pretty obvious (in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they're already working on it) and shouldn't be too hard to develop. XP gained from completing quests could have a seperate total and wouldn't factor into the main total. I think this would be really fun!
  2. Including the platforms games were released on in the search. Currently, when searching for a game which does not have a unique name (for example, there have been several Superman games called "Superman".) I have prepared an image to show exactly what I mean:
     You can probably tell I guessed / made up which platforms these games were released on.
  3. A way of showing you how many points you have on a wiki page, if you're not in the top five. Call it narcissism, but I like to know!
     Maybe less "LOOK AT ME!", but you get the idea.

Also, if Giant Bomb does end up having a subscription model (which I'm fairly certain it will (not necessarily a bad thing(triple parantheses))), maybe offer an annual or even a lifetime subscription if possible. I really don't want to have to manage or think about my subscription to the site because a great deal of its appeal to me is how simple and hassle free it is.
If any devs/mods/staff read this: Thank you and keep up the great work!
Thanks for reading,

Richard out.

Basic Building Blocks: Community Quest Hints

It's difficult to go alone. Take these clues:


1) This guy wants you to get over here! But watch out, he stings!
2) Teddy told me to write this!
3) Only Elika can eliminate this!
4) Platformers always have these. Watch you don't fall on them. Walk slow!
5) You might not have heard of him, but you may well have heard him!

The One Free Man

1)  Gee, I can't think of anything.
2)  Ha ha, fat chance.
3)  They might offer you some headcrabs, but you should probably refuse!
4)  Don't worry, he's just got a lot on his Mind.
5)  It's the last thing they knew, coming down a corridor towards them.

A Battle in Active Time

1)  Thanks to the new release, even you can chronicle them!
2)  How can this guy be a knight and a pilot?
3)  They're everywhere! Even in my hair!
4)  Fast travel makes no sense! Give it some context!
5)  What do Brian Molko and David Bowie have in common? (Aside from that whole "music" thing!)

Get Equipped With...

1)  Fortunately Dead Rising was published by Capcom. Otherwise I would have missed out on this unlockable.
2)  He only came thirty ninth. But thirty ninth is still pretty evil!
3)  Since when, Ivory Joe Hunter?
4)  They were disappointing in Batman: Arkham Asylum.
5)  Don't judge this game by its cover. Seriously.

Heart of the Tiger

1)  Agent Francis York Morgan reckons Nastassia Kinski made that movie that is in some way related to this game. (Surely I could have thought of a better clue!?)
2)  For once, Mark Hamill isn't the antagonist.
3)  Shields Down! Go sit behind that rock!
4)  What would Command and Conquer be without these? (Also, Tim Curry rules!)
5)  Biff Tannen can't stop the funny!
Go forth and prosper! Because if 5,661 more people do, so do I!