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Red Dead Revolver 0

It's hard to believe Red Dead Revolver became nothing more than a widely unappreciated gem. For the first time ever players were offered the chance to play as a bounty hunter in the Wild West, and as it was made by Rockstar (of the GTA franchise), it would certainly have seemed that this game was poised for instant success. However it just was not meant to be, and the despite numerous positive reviews, the game disappeared into obscurity not long after its release.It is for that reason that I wa...

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Gears of War 0

To say that the hype that built up in the weeks and months before this game was released was ridiculous is most definitely an understatement. It really was the game to have for Christmas 2006, and I know I was among the thousands of fans who couldn’t wait to get their hands on this game. Gears of War had to, like it or not, live up to huge expectations. For the most part though, the reviews praised and worshiped the game, calling it the “Best Game Ever”, among other lofty titles. And I must say ...

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