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FF7 with updated graphics: BUT WITH the original sound effects and music.

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I would say Valve, but the $=€ thing disappointed me to such a degree I lost a lot of respect for them.

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Careful. I proposed a similar idea on another game, and got a shitstorm of uncomparable proportions.
Then the thread got locked.
Not a bad idea though.

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@Abyssfull said:
" This is true. I don't play PC FPS' anymore and I am no one.  *Mild Mind Fuck* "
I c whut u did thar
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@SinGulaR said:
" I've read that Norway meets it's energy needs to 90% with water power. And they have such an abundance of electricity because of that, that they can afford to have their lights runninf 24 hours a day in public buildings. Some rooms don't even have light switches. The light there are permanently on. "
99% of the produced electricity is based on hydropower :) A lot is being exported, but the energy needs are covered by 98% renewable sources.
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People have different interests.

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I play when there's nothing else to do. Which is most of the time.

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In Norway we flush the condoms down the toilet.
Weird, I know.
I'm gonna say drug use too.

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I would present you a function graph that explains how games developed for so long usually are bad. I can't make one, but image a quality (y) and time (x) graph. As time goes the games released near the center of this bell shaped graph are the best ones. I'm afraid this game is way past that point where the derivative have turned negative.

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