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If you like puzzle games, then it's a good deal. LOTS of puzzles, and many more to download. And you can make your own. And you can sit down and do a puzzle in 15 minutes.

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No, I haven't done any time traveling, AND I've been playing every day for the last month, so it's kind of weird that I would randomly get the letter today. I did send my DS character over to City Folk yesterday, so maybe that had something to do with it? Who knows.

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So, I just got a letter in Animal Crossing from Nintendo:

"It's AUGUST! That means the weekly Fireworks Fest is starting again! Kabloom! Kablam! Kablooey!"

But.. it's December, Nintendo.

Did anybody else get this letter today?

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Toejam & Earl is my favorite video game of all time. I don't know why. It's so easy. But it is (has):

- extremely unique
- great game mechanics (I love the present system)
- different levels every time
- hilarious
- great music
- pick-up-and-playability
- no-brainer fun
- fun multiplayer
- great, dorky, early-90's feel

I love it. Forever. It should be on the DS. It should be revitalized in HD on XBLA. Everyone should appreciate this game dammit.
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Slavic Cookie

Camel Spit

Delaplane Paris
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OK thanks guys

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Do you have to buy the Live Vision camera (the 360 brand one) or can you buy most any USB web cam to use on the 360?

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You sure? That blows..

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Can you buy most any USB web cam for use on the 360 or do you have to buy the Live Vision camera or whatever it's called?

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At the opening screen, one of the options is to rebuild your town. Does anyone know if rebuilding your town screws with everything you have collected? I just want a new town layout.

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