Free digital Mistbound art book (Greed Corp, Gattling Gears)

EDIT: It is a limited free download apperantly, it will go away when the bundle does. Ill probably rehost it then.

I remember watching this trailer for Greed Corp that just showed the art of their world and some story. Greed corp itself was not my cup of tea, but they really should make an adventure game or something in this beautiful world they created.

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Platforming in an MMO? Hell yes! (Guild Wars 2, WoW)

One of the things I loved doing in World of Warcraft was exploring, especially exploring outside of the zones and into the areas that were not finished yet. Areas like Mount Hyjal, Old Ironforge or Caverns of Time, they were still there before they were open to players and getting in there meant you had to do some platforming and/or some exploits.

Here is a old video showing how to get into Mount Hyjal before it was open and before flying mounts:

I used to jump around a whole lot in WoW, bouncing around Orgrimmar when I was bored or scaling mountains that where designed to keep the player out.

When i later tried Guild Wars for the first time i realized how much I missed jumping, that game has no jumping of any description and there are tons of impenetrable invisible walls. That's one thing that really annoyed me about Guild Wars.

When the details of Guild Wars 2 arose and i heard that you could jump in that game I was instantly more interested, they had fixed some of their past mistakes.

But when tried the beta I they went a step further, they added platforming as a part of the exploring and the level design.

First of there are Vistas, floating spinning maps that you can activate for a short cinematic flyby of the area you are currently in. They are marked on the map, but to reach them you have to do a short jumping puzzle. There is currently 161 vistas in the game.

Here is a video of some vistas:

There is also longer jumping puzzles, with traps, dangerous obstacles and boss events at the end. More penalties if you screw up and more rewards finish it. I didn't have time to find any of them in the beta myself but the videos look damn fun.

Especially this one.

Here is another one:

Anyone know any other MMO’s that does this? Guild Wars 2 looks great in many ways, but this is a big thing i look forward to doing when Guild Wars 2 releases.

EDIT: Between me writing this post and actually posting it, Rock Paper Shotgun posted an article on this subject:


Sequence is dirt cheap on Steam. Buy it! It's good!

If you enjoy Rhythm games and light RPG's then you should buy Sequence on Steam because it is damn good.

It's a light RPG with rhythm game combat that works sort of like DDR or Boom Boom Rocket. It has some real funny dialog and some decent beats to fight your enemies with.

Its normally 5$/4€ and that's a steal but now its half off so you can't say no:

Here is a good informative video of the game by Totalbiscuit if you wanna see how it plays:


So Shadows of the Damned and Neverdead are different games?

I saw the first trailer for Shadows of the Damned a while ago and had almost forgot about it, including the name. And then i saw the Konami "press conference" and the game Neverdead for the first time and i assumed it was that game.

But today i saw Shadows of the damned in stores and got confused, and now it's cleared up.

They do sound pretty similar, both are 3rd person shooters with a crazy Japanese story, demon enemies and such. In one you get ripped apart all the time, and in the other your girlfriend does.

Note that this is just based on me watching some trailers.

Also, the story in Shadows of the Damned kind of reminds me of Catherine mixed in with some Painkiller.


Regional Pricing on Steam still sucks! (Prototype)

Prototype is one of the games i had planned to buy this summer, not sure if ill get the Xbox 360, or the PC version tough. So i thought about Pre-purchasing it, when i saw that showed up on Steam, until i saw the price:

For Europeans excluding the UK, the Price is €59.99 ($83.66) for Prototype on Steam.
In the UK the price is £34.99 ($55.76).
In the US the price is $49.99.

What is the point of this Activision? I live in Sweden, i can preorder the PC version of this game for 478kr including shipping. That is about $62.11, which might sound a bit high if your used to US prices but that is a reasonable price for a new PC game here.

My point is, why would anyone buy it for the EU price on Steam when they can buy it for a lot cheaper from online retailers.

I love steam, but buying new games there is pointless.