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@SumDeus said:
" disgust me. "
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the only thing I do is save game progress on my HD, 4gig is easily enough for that, if i got a new 360 (which im not going to) I would go with the "arcade" or whatever they call it

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my homemade veg chili

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@Meptron said:
" sounds like the internet tough guys have won again. now if only if they could talk to girls as well as they can bitch on forums... "
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This thread topic needs to be moderated/deleted. It is completely disgusting and unbecoming of this site.
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Title says it all

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@dudeglove:  i'll agree with you there
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Yes Macs suck for games, don't buy them for games! I have a macbook pro, i love it, if you don't love it buy one of the million other laptops out there. Don't like iphone? get one of the billion other smartphones on/coming onto the market.  



 Their monopoly on the industry, however, disgusts me. And they don't give a shit about warranties either. "Get your iPhone just slightly wet in the rain? Well fuck you, buy another one you rich motherfucker!" "
15% of the smartphone market is apple, that is not a monopoly
itunes, ipod, iphone are all products that expanded the markets they moved into and created the space needed to create interest in the area (anyone who disagrees should take this point up with Ivan Seidenberg the CEO of Verizon who said on Charlie Rose he was glad the iphone existed because of how it grew interest in the smart phone market (google Charlie Rose Ivan Seidenberg).
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 if you're buying the game used you're not EA's customer anyway so why would they care about you, good for EA for sticking to the people who are trying to stick it to them by not paying them for the products they spend millions of dollars to develop

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