Half off (9.99$) on Mac Steam

#1 Posted by forgot2register (27 posts) -

Title says it all

#2 Posted by Beforet (2991 posts) -

Already got it. It's good stuff.

#3 Posted by Jeffsekai (7154 posts) -

This is going to be really annoying if they have different deals on both platforms.

#4 Edited by blaze503 (198 posts) -

oh it is the same price on PC at the moment just they are saying it is a sale for mac because Mac was just released.
They won't have platform specific sales.

#5 Posted by Stackboy (614 posts) -

Looks like this is the start of a bunch of happies for you mac kids.

#6 Posted by Somadude (622 posts) -

I bought it for the PC, it's really great.
#7 Posted by Forcen (2125 posts) -

Its half-off for PC users aswell. 
Just note that you cant sync saves accross Mac and Windows, the saves incompatible with the other version. So if you play on both mac and PC they will have different saves.

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