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Hopefully they will handle the fallout series similarly to how GTA was, where we get 3 games in different locations around the country before the next numeric iteration is released.

Other than that, I'd say make the world a bit more "perpetual" than it was. It would be nice to feel like you live there rather than just passing by.

More radio stations that have a different variety of music. Doesn't have to be modern stuff, just more music and more stations would be nice.

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Why does every war based game have to take place during WW2?

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I think, until they release more meaningful achievements they might not see much return. Hopefully this mode or the island will have some. Most people I know that were way into this game are all splintered now onto several other games. I myself am playing Fallout while the majority of the rest are playing RE5. That being said however I'm looking forward to this and will likely buy it. So far I've bought the legend cars and one of the mini cars. I want to get the boost pack but there's just been higher priorities lately.

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So, we're going backwards in time now? The fact that your dudes move around during the fight is kind of cool but the whole thing's back to being a menu bash. Not sure why Japan still grasps at conventions that weren't that new back in '96.

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Looks like Chris Angel has a new job.

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Someone I know for whatever reason was given 20 cases of the halo version from his job, he didn't want all 20 cases so gave away about 19 of them at a party I attended. I walked out with about 3 of said cases, each case had 24 bottles in it. Also every bottle was of the painted aluminum variety. I think I ended up giving a lot of it away too, not because I didn't like it but Jesus, who wants 73 bottles of it?

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But, but, we are all individually special and important here on the world wide web! Surely everyone has interesting things to say all the time right?

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If the PC had a better system for disallowing piracy than this wouldn't be an issue. There are ways around piracy on the PC also but not every game has the ability to do what WoW and steam do to keep pirates out. I got out of PC gaming a while back mostly due to my irritation with the constant upgrade cycle and switched to the 360. These days to get around the high cost of games I just use GameFly. Too bad there's nothing like that on the PC (again mostly due to the issues with the PC's inability to stop piracy on it's own).

So, if you don't want to be a pirate, and you don't have tons o money to spend on PC games than just get a console from the get go and rent your games, problem solved. If that's too much for you, get a paper route or something.

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DOH! I typed that wrong, SF4 on the 360 loads faster if installed. You can really tell too when your facing someone in a live match that hasn't installed the game as the load time is about double what it is when you install it. Also most games are faster loading with the 360's new install feature, just sometimes it's more significant. Mass effect and Too Human had noticable load time changes when installed.

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I like that they tried to make the achievements nice and all over the place but the hosting one was a really bad Idea. It encourages people to start games then ditch it as soon as someone accepts.