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ShiroMe said:
"I don't even understand how anybody plays with a stick. There is a reason we evolved beyond joysticks."
Some people like them because there's more to grab onto, makes some of the mostions easier for them. I've gotten past that but some people have problems pulling off precise commands with their thumb.
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It depends on who you are really. I suck with the arcade sticks. In the arcade I was good with a stick but the setup is different in terms that the stick is bolted to the system, your home controller sits in your lap and throws it all off for me. I ended up getting good with the joysticks starting with the Super Nintendo versions and later on the PS2 controller. HD Remix helped me get more accustomed with the 360 joypad, but I'd avise not using it's D-Pad, it's actually easier to throw thigns off with the analogue.

I'd be interested in seeing how the actual fight pad stacks up against how I've gotten with the 360 controller. The buttons arranged how they did on there might be better but I'm almost getting used to using the triggers for my attacks now that switching again might just be a new learning curve all over again.

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So, Picked this up yesterday and I have to say, other than a few annoyances with some character tweaks they did the games fan-freeking-tastic! The controls on the 360 aren't as bad as I was dreading, but then a few months with HD Remix helped that out. The matching service isn't terrible but it coudl use a bit of help from time to time. Having to pick quick match about 10 times before you get one is irritating but you can also just set hte game to allow players to join you while you play arcade mode. The game also let's you prioritise weither or not you want it to look for the most stable connection for those jump in matches, which helps.

Now the gripes, Blanka looks and sounds terrible. Youc an get over the sound by setting him to Lapanese, he sounds slightly better there. His look is like how he looked in SFEX, whihc is bad. His attacks aren't as fast as they used to be, but they did add a few tweaks to him that sort of make up for it. Still it's hard to look at him as it looks more like someone in a blanka costume you'd see at an anime con, blech.

In the end, great job Capcom, now get some more freeking sticks and pads out there for sale!

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Will have to see how this game controls when it comes out, right now that trailer just looked like a giant Japanese mess of FMV and battles that look like the new version of context sensitive battles.

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Right but making a match yourself (for me anyhow) seems to invite people into it that have horrid pings. I'll try fritzing with my router thought like you suggested.

Update: Not sure I know enough of ports and forwarding to know what top open I guess. Really don't want to jack up my router too much.

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So I really love the new Street Fighter that was released last month, however their matching service is pretty crappy. I know it's better than the stuff that was offered in the past but it still needs major work, especially in this era of online games. It usually takes on average 5-8 attempts to get into a match with someone that has a ping under 100.

For those of you not familiar with how the service works, first you select that you want a multiplayer match, then you select ranked, then you wait while it populates a list of several matches you can choose from. Then you select down to get the match you want, and then you either get into the match or your told that the match is no longer available. If the match is no longer available the system takes you back to the menu in which you choose a ranked match or not. So you have to go through the list populating and go downa nd select another then maybe you get in or not. The system is seriously frustrating.

Ther eis a quick match option, but there's no parameters on it. You can't tell the system to give you a quick match with a ping under a certain amount or with a paticular ruleset turned on. If your in a match with a ping over 100 the game starts to become borderline unplayable. The further away from 100 the ping is the worse it is as the game's constantly laggy and rewinding on itself which really throws off the flow of the game.

I really hope Capcom learns from these issues when SF4 comes out next month and gives us a better matching service. Also while the thought of people being able to jump into your game like in the arcade sounds great, I hope there's again some kind of limiter so that it only allows people with a good ping or else that feature could quickly become useless unless it comes with a friends only filter.

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Eve online would be awesome if it weren't so mind numbingly boring. But if your into it's really lazy ass pace it's great for this kind of stuff.

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Might need to see this demoed on live first. I think a bit of this has to do with the clunky flash interface and it being crammed down into a lower resolution but it might be ok. Also might just be more to it than the demo lets on.

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I started playing the Eastern Sun mod as it was different enough to not make me fell like I was just playing the same exact thing again.

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Thanks Bladefire!