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Looks like Chris Angel has a new job.

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Someone I know for whatever reason was given 20 cases of the halo version from his job, he didn't want all 20 cases so gave away about 19 of them at a party I attended. I walked out with about 3 of said cases, each case had 24 bottles in it. Also every bottle was of the painted aluminum variety. I think I ended up giving a lot of it away too, not because I didn't like it but Jesus, who wants 73 bottles of it?

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But, but, we are all individually special and important here on the world wide web! Surely everyone has interesting things to say all the time right?

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If the PC had a better system for disallowing piracy than this wouldn't be an issue. There are ways around piracy on the PC also but not every game has the ability to do what WoW and steam do to keep pirates out. I got out of PC gaming a while back mostly due to my irritation with the constant upgrade cycle and switched to the 360. These days to get around the high cost of games I just use GameFly. Too bad there's nothing like that on the PC (again mostly due to the issues with the PC's inability to stop piracy on it's own).

So, if you don't want to be a pirate, and you don't have tons o money to spend on PC games than just get a console from the get go and rent your games, problem solved. If that's too much for you, get a paper route or something.

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DOH! I typed that wrong, SF4 on the 360 loads faster if installed. You can really tell too when your facing someone in a live match that hasn't installed the game as the load time is about double what it is when you install it. Also most games are faster loading with the 360's new install feature, just sometimes it's more significant. Mass effect and Too Human had noticable load time changes when installed.

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I like that they tried to make the achievements nice and all over the place but the hosting one was a really bad Idea. It encourages people to start games then ditch it as soon as someone accepts.

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There's a VERY significant load time increase if you install SF4, just so you know.

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At this point I think I have the hang of the 360 controller enough that I don't even want to get the sticks, but everyone else's mileage will vary.

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I think some things that were said in the review are confusing some people. There's nothing called a "quarter match" but there is a way to get the old arcade feel. At the main menu if you hit the right bumper button (on the 360) you can edit your stats. It says this on the bottom of the screen for PS3 users as I don't know what button you guys need to press. Anyhow after you bring up that menu you can pick your title and Icon, but you can also set the game to allow live players to join your arcade games. You can set it to player or ranked match and what your preferences are for length and what not. Now when you play arcade games you will from time to time get a random person jumping in while your playing.

Regardless if you won the VS live match you get sent back to your arcade at whatever step you were on at the time, and people can still keep joining you as you play through. You can turn this feature off through the status screen whenever you want. Also when you start the vs match you get to pick a new character, when the match is over you go back to whatever character you were using before the jump in.

Hope that helps.

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ShiroMe said:
"I don't even understand how anybody plays with a stick. There is a reason we evolved beyond joysticks."
Some people like them because there's more to grab onto, makes some of the mostions easier for them. I've gotten past that but some people have problems pulling off precise commands with their thumb.