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Would you be up for community members joining you to help you through them all?

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April 26th to be specific. Developer posted this:

Given the invaluable contributions each of you have made during the Beta testing of Pathfinder Adventures, we have news that we wanted to share here first.

We're moving the launch day for Pathfinder Adventures to April 26.

We know many of you are eagerly awaiting the chance to explore Sandpoint and defeat the Runelords, and we're sorry to keep you waiting just a little bit longer.

The good news is why the game is being delayed: during beta testing over the last couple of weeks this community has given us a ton of feedback on everything from visual polish to card balance and general gameplay. We want to evaluate all of the ideas and address as many as possible before launch, and that process is going to take a little bit of time.

Ultimately, we hope you all agree that the result will be a better Pathfinder Adventures, just at a sliiiiightly later date.

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I think I may be overly sensitive to the blur effect it gives when you turn in this game then. Just made my settings the same as yours and again it's playable but looks off. I can see it's not real stutterery like I initially put forth but it's the blur it uses when you turn that is off.. It is less noticeable when I zoom out as everything is blurring at the same rate. When zoomed in things next to your character and your character don't blur at the same rate? I dunno, but I guess I'm just going to have to live with it.

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All this being said I'm liking the game.. I'm not as sold on the characters or story but the gameplay and such is great.

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That looks somewhat better. However I noticing zooming out when running around helps for some reason. Could you show me a screenshot of what your camera settings screen looks like? Also thanks for helping me with this.

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After looking at Austin turn a bunch in the quicklook it looks like it's jumping there too... I guess maybe I'm more sensitive to this sort of thing than others are. Or I'm just more used to playing 3d games on a PC than on a console.

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Whenever I turn it feels like watching a blurry slideshow, not a normal turn.. .again lowering my turn speed has helped this but it still feels blurry. Also lowering the turn speed makes the game feel sluggish. The blur is mildly frustrating and just makes the game look poor to me. I'm not 100% certain it's dropping frames. Essentially the way it seems to handle "faster turning" seems off.. Instead of turning faster it just jumps to a different point in the turn...

Example. Imagine looking forward is 0 percent and looking right is 90 percent of a full 360 turn. If slow turning is on it will take 3 seconds to show you that full 90 degree turn. during that you don't see all 90 degrees of the turn but you see enough for it to be ok.. If you turn on fast turning, it takes less time and you see even less of those 90 degrees. Enough that it looks like it's dropping frames as it's really just showing you parts of that turn and not the full turn. Hopefully that makes sense?

I've played other games that let you change the camera sensitivity but it never really felt like it was showing you less of the turn and just a faster turn.

I haven't compared it to the quicklook yet.

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It's on the internal meory. I re-set it back to defaults and it runs better but stuff in the distance looks blurry when you turn. Maybe that's how it's supposed to run but after years of games like WoW, Guild Wars, and the like I never had this kind of problem on the PC.

In general the performance feels like if I was running a PC game on the minimum required specs.

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I just got used to having my remote handy and muting the audio after every talking cut-scene when I'm in town.. It's frustrating for sure.

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I'm still in the first few hours and watching a lot of chatter so really looking forward to actually playing it and not watching people talk as much.

Mostly though I just find myself wishing you could turn certain music tracks off. Not a fan of the butt-rock that plays in New LA or the Country/Rap that plays there either (or whatever that "yeah, uh, huh, come on" nonsense is). The traditional RPG music's good, so if I could listen to that instead it would be better.