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Seems to have gotten worse with the E3 coverage. The room I watch their stuff in has an AC unit which doesn't help and I have to turn the TV up to 95% when watching their stuff where as games I play at like 45%.... It's really frustrating.

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The audio in anything coming out of the west coast office for a long time now is way quieter than anything else online and it feels like the E3 coverage I have to turn up my TV to 95% to even hear it and if I load up a video game I have to turn the game volume down to about 5% to have it not drown out the GB shows. It's like this with nearly everything they put out. Is there any way to fix it on my end?

Also why are they balancing everything so damn low? Vinny and crew on the east coast aren't this quiet on their stuff (which makes going from video to video really jarring).

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I was ok with it initially. I'm ok with people getting paid for the things they made. However I've been seeing that the creator is getting 25% while Valve and the creator of the game get 75%. I can see Valve getting something as they are the storefront, I don't understand why the company who made the game get's anything, they already got the price of the game from the buyer and seller of the mods. Also Steam and the game company shouldn't be taking that big a chunk. Now it all just seems filthy.

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$155 Million....

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With the Amiga some games that ended up elsewhere just were better represented on the amiga in both sound and graphics. However a lot of them were just hard as hell (the Shadow of the Beast series for instance), With that I'd recommend...

Shadow of the Beast 1

Shadow of the Beast 2


Lemmings (2 player split screen with 2 mice was fun)

Fairy Tale (odd game that was very open world like, reminded me of Ultima 7)


Mechforce (This game does not show well as it's basically like watching a top down pen and paper map with drawings on it but the amount of depth in it for the time was amazing)

I'm sure there are many others but those are the ones that stuck out to me and that I played the most.

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I'm finding this whole thread really strange. Are there really enough quality video game sites out there for people to not visit Kotaku/Polygon?

Am I an idiot for really liking those sites?

I do want to say though that Polygon's game of the year list got really fucked at the end. Dragon Age and Wolfenstein? What the fuck.

Game of the year without context will always seem weird. Look at all the guest GoTY threads here. Some of them are downright bizarre but it's a persons take on what THEY liked. The sites GoTY makes a bit more sense due to the process you can listen to them go through to arrive at.

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I worry that maybe there is a sea over there he will get lost in trying to start up from the bottom (middle?) all over again where as here he was already established, also he was the only one breaking these sorts of stories.... So why leave? There's a number of knee jerk guesses we'd have but I'm not going to try and fathom them here.... Sad to see him go... sad to see him go there of all places... Sorry Patrick, hope for the best?

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(hey, we read reviews, too!)

Translation: We read all the reviews about some of our most recent games and decided that finishing games, getting them reviewed, and then shipping them costs time and money and it's better for our bottom line to ship an unfinished game directly to you the consumer and still get your money.

Here's an odd thought, when I order meat, and it's under-cooked, you can send it back to get properly cooked. Can we start doing that with games?

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At the end of the day in every instance of GG I am always left with the same questions for GG..

1) Why is the focus on all of the GG stuff keep being brought against women and smaller voiced women in the community? There never seems to be much that I read that there are demands being brought to bear against the bigger companies that actually could be forcing huge sales swings for their games if they are in cahoots with a game site as opposed to indie dev's?

2) What exactly is the desired end to this? What would need to happen with game news sites to allow the rest of us to go back to not having to read/hear about another female community member/dev/reporter/opinion person getting harassed in relation to this stuff?

At the end of the day it's video games, and in order for these sites to get information from those companies there has to be some level of friendliness.