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@ll_exile_ll: Actually no: the kilogram is the unit of mass in SI units. And, yes, we all know kilo is short for kilogram.

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This rant completely misses the point of the SI system! Here's the tldr version of why:
1) SI uses a single unit per quantity: length is in metres, mass is kilos, time in seconds, etc. Other words are for convenience only.
2) Non-fundamental units are defined in fundamental units with no conversion factor. Newtons are kg*m²/s, Pascals are N/m², Volts are kg*m²/A/s³, etc.
On another note, Imperial is madness... inch feet yard mile furlong barrel gallon spoon pint pound ounce Fahrenheit... and many of these have variants (e.g. pound force, pound weight, oil barrel, US barrel, nautical mile....). I'd speculate that the cost associated with people dying due the failings of that system is higher than the cost of changing all road signs.

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London, UK

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The game was called Relentless in the US. Apparently Activision, the publisher in the US, felt that "Little Big" sounded like "average". The publisher in the EU was EA.

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Little Big Adventure is coming out in TWO days (on the 27th march) on iOS and Android!

I highly recommend it to everybody, it's an all time classic that's still immensely playable today. If you've never heard about it, please conduct a quick Google search to discover that this is one of the most beloved games series ever! I've never seen such unanimous treasured memories for any game.

Furthermore, one reason this game has been remastered for mobile devices to show investors that the brand still has traction to incentivise the development of the third opus: Genesis of the Stellar Entity. So please buy it! Rest assured I have absolutely no link with the developers - I have simply waited sixteen years now to play the final game of the trilogy!

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I'd like to advertise the game here on GB, both for the pleasure of sharing and to make people buy it so that one day I can play LBA3! How do I do that? Can I post on the general forum or is that spamming? (I've never been active on a forum)

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