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A great sequel that any Sonic fan old or new should be proud of. 0

 So for the last few days I've been stuck on one game from my past that I can't seem to put down and that game is Sonic The Hedgehog 2. In a lot of people's opinions it is probably the best 2D Sonic game around and it shows as Sonic 2 was the best selling game on the Genesis. Six million copies of the game have been sold since it was released on the Genesis and back in the 90s that was pretty good for a game. Today that legacy is still held up as the game has also seen numerous releases on...

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One of the best Resident Evil games I've played in years. 0

I stood in line at midnight just to get this game and there were a lot of other people at also did as well and that should tell you that Resident Evil 5 is one of the biggest games of this year and it's with good reason as well. This is simply one of the best Resident Evils I've played since Resident Evil 4 came out on the Gamecube in 2005. The game takes place in 2009 and it's been 11 years since the first Resident Evil and this time we take control of the game's first protagonist Chris Redfiel...

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Much better than the previous game, but could of been better 0

After playing the disaster that was Sonic The Hedgehog 06 I thought I would never see myself playing another new Sonic game, but I figured after seeing the screen shots and trailers for Sonic Unleashed I thought I would save my harshness for the game until I actually played it and to tell you the truth Sonic Unleashed isn't a half bad game, but still it has its problems, but at least the game is better than Sonic 06. First off the story is almost the same as most other Sonic, but this one has a ...

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Much better than Pro Street, but in someways a step back 0

After playing the horrible Need for Speed: Pro Street I was ready to give up on the Need for Speed series altogether, but when I saw the first screen shots and trailer for Need for Speed: Undercover I was hopeful that the series would get back on track with this game. In some ways Undercover got right what Pro Street did wrong, but in other ways it's another step back for the series. First the story is Need for Speed: Undercover is actually pretty well done and there are a few twists and turns i...

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Despite some flawed elements; it's a worth while experience. 1

Now I know I'm not the only one that was scared when Midway first announced Mortal Kombat vs DC early this year. I thought the series was going to go downhill with this year, but after spending a few hours playing MK vs DC I can say that I was wrong. First things first even with the T rating MK vs DC feels just like a Mortal Kombat game admitted toned down fatalities and less blood it's still the Mortal Kombat we all love and hate. When I first got the game I though it would suck because of the ...

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One of the best 2D Sonic games 2

Sonic CD was first released back in 1993 on the ill fated Sega CD and people had to wonder would Sonic CD be the game to get the Sega CD back into the market well in a word not really, but Sonic CD was one of the few games to show that the Sega CD had potential, but it was just a bad system, but enough of the Sega CD, we're talking about Sonic CD one of the best Sonic games besides the original Sonic game. The story of Sonic CD has our hero Sonic learning of Dr. Robotnik doing another of his evi...

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