The $64,000 Question

Now that I've gotten 20 blogs posted, will I ever post another one?
Did I do this just for the quest?
Probably.  But I'm not ruling out the possibility of another post or 10.  Who knows what might happen?



This has to be one of the worst innovations in recent memory.  And this is coming from someone who loves Twitter.
I do not care, as I am sure most people don't, where you are at every waking moment.  It is YOUR life.  Not mine.  I have enough issues keeping my own shit in order to be concerned about what restaurant you went to.
And really, why would you WANT to broadcast your location at every moment?  Why not just wear a GPS beacon and let us know how we can connect to it?  The idea of people being able to follow you around doesn't creep you out in the slightest?
Some people will tell you that it's a way to get people to try new places.  If you need a dumb phone app to get you to go outside your comfort zone, I weep for you.


So close

Thanks to the little thing in the bottom right corner, I can tell that I'm damn close to the blog quest.
Most of all, none of my posts have been simply "HAI GUIS, POSTIN FOR QWESTS"
I feel accomplished.  Or will, at least, once I'm done.


Cactus Cooler

I consider myself a bit of a soda fan.  Any time on the road, if I'm stopping somewhere for a beverage, I'm choosing the most obscure thing I can find out of the cooler.  If it's something particularly tasty and I can't find it around me, I'm not above bringing a case (or two) back with me.
One soda in particular has eluded me, however.  I hear fantastic things about Cactus Cooler, but as I live on the east coast, I can't get any.  I've also never been to Southern California, where I know it mostly lives, so I haven't been able to try it there.
I've even looked into having it shipped, but the shipping costs some of these places have are absolutely absurd.  A 12-pack ends up being $25 shipped.  Absurd.
Have I missed an easy way to get ahold of the stuff?  HELP ME, GIANT BOMB.


Reese's Pieces

Reese's Pieces, undoubtedly, do not get the respect they deserve.  The peanut butter in a Reese's cup is absolutely underrated - what better vehicle to enjoy it than in bite-sized candy form?  THERE IS NONE.
Thank you, Reese's Pieces.



Sometimes, you just have one of those days where you wish you had just not gotten up in the morning.
Today was one of those.
Thank god it's over.


Community Quest

As much as I had hoped the GB community would come through, it looks like we're going to fall short by a good margin.
Not really a total shock, since this one was far more difficult, but I guess I had hoped that more people would look into it.
Oh well.  There's always next time......


Super Sup Check

This quest is going to haunt me at night.  I'm constantly afraid that I'm going to miss a day, or that the system's going to screw up, or something.
It's bad.  Really, really bad.
The worst thing is going to be when I actually DO screw it up at day 25, or something.


Blogs for Quest Purposes only

Now don't get me wrong, I understand the irony of me writing this - after all, I have admitted that I'm only taking this up because of the quest system.  But hear me out.
I'm sure that plenty of people who otherwise wouldn't have been bothered to try the blog system are giving it a go now, but there's a troubling number of blog entries that read, more or less, as "I'm only doing this for the Quest."
Really?  You've got nothing to say?
The worst part is when these same people take their non-discussion-inspiring blog posts and add them to different forums.  As if there's not a 100% chance that the thread will be locked almost immediately.
Look, I realize that not everybody is going to put some thought or effort into their blog posts if they're going for the Quest - heck, I sure haven't on every occasion.  But at least I've tried, and (until now) I haven't put any of my blog posts into a forum.
If you're going to use the podium that Giant Bomb has given you, at least try to say something.  Why not?  You may end up being more interesting than you thought you were.

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