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I can't really argue with you here too much as I tend to agree with you on a decent amount of those points, though not nearly as harshly. The one point I wanted to make though was that: I don't think Japanese devs "don't know how to tell a story." I think the main issue is that Japanese storytelling and "Western" (or to speak from my perspective, simply American) style storytelling is remarkably different. They focus on different aspects of the performance, they are normally less focused on following a linear narrative, things like that. I don't claim to be an expert on this sort of thing or anything, the only reason I say it is I had the same sort of feelings about Japanese anime. Not to tangentialize this, but I have always felt that a lot of animes end poorly, and I was always confused as to why that is. When I asked around to people who I trust would know a bit more about it than I did, they pointed out how closure in the way we know it in the West is different then how they view it in Japan. Different cultures provide different emphasis when it comes to storytelling. Thats not to say games like DOA have excellent stories that "You just don't understand man!" I'm simply saying that there may be aspects of the story that you think are super important that they miss, and bits that they probably -did- put a lot of effort into because a Japanese market would find them important that you're probably missing.