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Aw, man. No more Vinn dog in the regular podcast and UPF?

That's pretty bummer news. :(

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Contrarily to most PS1 RPGs I've played, I really don't remember this specific game fondly -- I didn't like the mood of the game back then. Something about the color pallet and soundtrack felt really depressing to me.

I'm pretty sure I've finished this game in my childhood, but I can't remember almost anything from the story itself. All I can gather is the fact that the world is enveloped in some kind of monster summoning mist and that there's a weird girl that joins your party at some point that was raised by wolves... for some reason I also remember keeping an item called "point card" for the whole game without ever using it, because I felt like it should be only used against the last boss.

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I don't know what this is, but I love it.

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@development: LOL. Whoever loses, the little old merchant lady always wins.

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I think Pate is the "good guy". Or at least he's good to you. Maybe he is kind of a douchbag, telling you about treasure that's dangerous to get, but he does help as a white phantom with the Last Giant fight, while Cray just sits around mumbling like a serial killer every time you find him.

But yeah, I killed both in Tseldorah... Craighton first, though.

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All the comments about how the game 's tonal shift made them not like the series anymore weird me out.

Did you seriously love Metal Gear because of the goofy scenes between the all the war, politics and terrorism talk? For the little snippets of toilet humor or movie references in between the torture scenes and talks of PMCs and child soldiers? Because that's a really stupid reason to like it.

For me what makes it special is more about how unique the story and characters are put together, coupled with a very twisted worldview and bleak take on things like war, genetics, loyalty and family that you hardly see in other games. The series has constant tonal shifts within every game. Weird that someone who would be bothered by the place it went to now would even play through a single MGS entry anyway.

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This entry in the series did promise a more serious tone. And when the series deal with war so directly, talking about the ugly stuff like private military companies and child soldiers. It's interesting that this time it went the extra step to show a bit further what the horrors of war can really be. I mean, behind every war there's cruelty like rape, torture and mutilation -- it's just that you never see it in your average war glorification fantasy, like Call of Duty.

Also it does a really good job at genuinelly showing how evil the villain is. He didn't just kick a puppy, he maimed, raped and tortured (both physically and psychologically) two characters.

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Risk of Rain has 2 controllers couch co-op (thought for some stupid reason you have to use the mouse to navigate the menus before entering the game). Hell of a great bonding experience IMO! And it's pretty cheap IIRC.

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Man, that's gotta be the best screencap ever taken of Jeff!

I like this! Only good experience with Early Access I've ever had was Starbound, and it was "recommended" by that quick look the GB dudes did a while ago. I'd love to see if there's more 'unfinished' games out there that are worthy of buying before they are done.

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I love DD so much!

It has huge flaws in many levels, but it's so good that you keep playing it despite said flaws.

That make me that much more excited to know they are working on a sequel. I hope it fixes some of the issues -- but to tell the truth I'd love just to have the exact same thing in a new world, just so I could marvel exploring it all again.

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