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1. Final Fantasy 7

2. Mass Effect 2

3. Final Fantasy 6

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1. Final Fantasy 7

2. Mass Effect 2

3. Fallout 3

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I'm willing to switch if they have faster ship times and are significantly cheaper. But I honestly don't think Qwikster will be much better when it comes to shipping new releases. New movies take 2 hours to watch while new games take 8 to 40 hours to beat. Qwikster will get backlogged like Gamefly.

For all you Gamefly people who complain about wait time, just put the one game in your queue that you really want and make sure you don't have any games out when it comes out. You will get the game right when it comes out. It may not maximize your game time, but it will maximize your quality of selection.

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@mostman: I'm not saying that PS3 is best, but I actually prefer to watch Netflix and stream content from my PC (music and videos) with the PS3. The interface is quicker for PC content streaming and I prefer Netflix on my PS3.

Once again, I'm not saying that PS3 is a perfect interface. But I prefer the lack of adds on the PS3 and I think the Netflix setup is better.

The 'Settings' tab on the PS3 does suck.

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If anyone got this coupon from their Gamestop rewards account and doesn't want it, I would greatly appreciate it if you sent it my way. I know this is a shot in the dark, but if there's a community of awesome members, it's here. 

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I'm down as long as it's better than Dead Money. I'm sick of playing crappy DLC (gotta keep the S-Rank). I'm going to wait for the reviews on the upcoming DLC. But I like any excuse to load up any Fallout game. 

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@mzuckerm:  So I finished Machinarium , and the last couple of puzzles (bead dragging and  arcade machine 2) really gave me fits. I really enjoyed the art, the music, the atmosphere, and the characters. But like RockmanBionics, I occasionally had issues because I didn't interact with one small element in the game, which made me look up answers in game walk-through only to be annoyed by a simplistic answer.  
I really liked and enjoyed the game, but I do think some of the puzzles were too obscure. Like I said earlier, this was my first point and click adventure--so I could just be a newbie--but the game didn't always equip me to see what was coming next. I like it when you feel like the game is teaching you all the rules before you have to implement them in the game. 
But I did feel that the journey was ultimately satisfying. The game oozes with personality, which was the main reason I was drawn to it.
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I'm about 2 hours into it and I'm enjoying it (this is my first point and click adventure) . I'm interested in hearing more thoughts. When I'm done, I will be sure to add some additional comments. 
My only complaint is that once you click on a destination you have to wait for the full animation to play out before you do anything else.

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  1.  Mass Effect I  - Skip all DLC
  2. Mass Effect II - The only must have DLC is Lair of the Shadow Broker. Overlord is fun, but far from a must buy. And Kasumi is not that good but gives you a character.
  3. Red Dead Redemption 
  4. Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening 
  5. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit