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Best weekend EVAH! 0

That is some Blue hair.Ever want a girl to stand there and let you grab at her naughty bits?Well here is the game for you. I know this is out of NORMAL game standards, But these simulated sexy time games are all over the place in Japan land. I've actually played quite a bit of this game, And I'm not ashamed to admit that.This game has a story all about you being on vacation on a tropical island full of the most bang'n Anime beauties you'll see this side of AngelBlade. If your not thrown off by t...

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My brainbots in another Bunker 0

When the going gets tough, The tough Dig for gold and throw crabs at you.Cortex command, One of the greatest games I have played thus far. It comes to us from a small group of devoted game creators and artists that take fan ideas, And input very seriously.The setting for cortex command is a very neat one at that. Over years of intergalactic travel we learned how to remove our brains and create robotic ones to run multiple bodies at once with and give us extended lifespans. So in essence you turn...

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No internet connection? Well your screwed 0

I know plenty of people who started playing Resident evil after 4 and enjoy the "Series" But being a long time Resident Evil fan in this day and age is more of a broken leg than it is another pair of arms. Every time something is "Added" To the Resident Evil cannon they "And by they i mean Capcom" Pretty well spits on the early itteration of the series.... Y'know those things that made them so popular in the first place. They add characters where they dont fit, Events that never happend, And at ...

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Sling you are my only friend 0

 My epic beard will deflect all ranged attacks +2 Man oh man does this game take me back, This was one of the only RPG games to be found on the Genesis, The only other notable ones were the games of the Shining force saga and Shadowrun. But being a fan of Dungeons and dragons i was a happy little clam when my papa picked this one up for me. First thing you have to do when you boot this beast up is to create a party because who wants to go with a pre generated party?  Looks like the blonde gu...

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Samurai shutdown 0

 I got bigger titties than you do! Samurai shodown, a series of fighting games that used to be stuff of legend. Now reduced to a mere shell of its former glory, Almost every attempt at making a 3D version of a once 2D fighting game has ended in utter failure, this is no exeption. Graphics, Not only is the lighting horrible but the models look like something you'd find on the PS2... Early PS2. The character portraits and the game models look like different people,  I think what happened was th...

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4 Ye olde light warriors 0

 Kick'em in the knee. The origins of the gaming giant that is Final fantasy come to the nintendo DS, Trying to bring with it the impact and storytelling of the originals. In some respects it does very well, But in some others it falls short. The game has a cute art style that draws in a crowd that SquarEnix has been shooting for as of late, Girls, Not going to lie its girls. Ever since Final fantasy X the Final fantasy market has been shifted to market tword teenage girls more so than t...

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Help rick! 0

 Rick mad! and ANGRY!! Oh splatterhouse how i missed the good'ol days of destroying hoards of the undead lump like creatures that go Uhhhhh in the night. the good old Splatterhouse full of wonder green blood and a 2X4 weapons that destroyed all in its path. But this, This is not my Splatterhouse. As i recall in the most recent installment Not counting this one, Rick and Jennifer were married and had a son David.    And as i recall she wasn't the blonde bombshell as shallow and stupid as any ...

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