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@thatpinguino: Maybe if I made lists on a regular basis they'd start to feel a bit redundant, but I don't so the GoT list really did take as much time and effort as my other work; I couldn't produce a list of that quality 5 days a week or anything, which is what is asked of Buzzfeed editors (and why they're so hit-or-miss). As to which I'd rather see get more attention, I don't have a preference save that it's much easier to find an audience when your subject is already something incredibly popular, so if a profile of an obscure game dev got a lot of attention, it would be a more substantial feat, I suppose.

I think it's more that lists are mostly comedic in nature, and not a good format for substantial criticism or reporting (unless in a hybrid format like something closer to what Vox does). And honestly most lists are bad lists that display research and fact-checking standards that would not fly in a real newsroom (obviously the stakes are lower but the nonchalance still rubs me the wrong way). There's a reason so many comments on my GoT post are shocked that what they clicked on didn't turn out to be terrible.

I'd love it if my writing got more attention, but at this point I'm seriously considering delving deeper into video production.

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While you're right about the prevalence of lists and their surge in views, let's not lump all lists as clickbait. Some lists are really great, and can be funny and even insightful. And depending on how carefully they're put together, they can take a great deal of time and effort. I posted the Game of Thrones Characters as Video Game Consoles list on Giant Bomb last year, which currently has about 250,000 pageviews and over 180 comments, not including all of the other sites that reposted it (no one asked permission btw). Technically I couldn't have made the list without watching dozens of hours of the TV show and spending even more time with the book series, coupled with what I already knew about video games. Actually building the images and writing all of the one-liners took several hours. I think this effort really shows through in the post, which I'm still quite proud of, and I have a hard time believing sites like Buzzfeed actually allow enough editorial space for rich humor to breathe (at least not on a regular basis; there are always exceptions).

The GoT list is the most popular thing I've ever put on the internet, but I do wish some of the other articles I've written (I freelance for Kill Screen semi-regularly and keep an off-site blog) were half as popular, to say nothing of actually getting paid a living wage for this stuff. My point is that it's not necessarily the list format that perpetuates the downward spiral, but the posting cycle demanded by the ad-revenue model that makes it so.

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Of course I'd watch, but I wonder if this would be the best use of Drew's time...

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@hailinel: Polygon laid off their head features editor, no less. I don't think it can get more explicitly clear that big sites are not looking for writers unless they're writing video scripts. And even then...

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Haven't played the game yet so I don't want to watch too much of this, but I think it's really cool that they performed some of these scenes live.

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@julius: This post, particularly where it goes toward the end, fails to acknowledge that other Giant Bomb users might not share your same privileges. I know people hate that word, but the assumption that you can go on with your life comfortably, without engaging with "social issues," is a life of extraordinary privilege. Furthermore, social issues are ingrained into games as games are the products of social circumstances. The big companies that produce AAA games and lay-off their entire staff a week after the game ships would like to sweep "social issues" under the rug. It's not just issues of representation, but understanding and discussing the politics that go into creating games and the political expressions of those games is incredibly important to having informed discussions about them. I think if you asked any Giant Bomb editor about this, they'd tell you that they want those discussions happening on its site. Lastly I want to share this Errant Signal video about this issue because I think it hits the nail on the head.

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I eat less ketchup than I used to. At some point it just started to taste too processed and sugary. That said it has its place and mayo is outright gross.

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Hey, I've been browsing Steam during the Summer Sale and ran across Year Walk at 50% off, a game which I never got around to purchasing/playing on iOS. Anyone played the PC version who can say if it's worth it to get it there, or is iOS really the one and only way to go?

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How crazy is it that Polygon laid-off Russ Pitts? Does not bode well for a site when they get rid of their head features editor (who did fantastic work), when one of the most defining aspects of that site is its longform features. I mean, I'm sure they'll stay OK financially, assuming the Vox warchest holds out, but it sure weakens their appeal for me.

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@mb: Probably more likely that there would have been more layoffs if the Kickstarter was unsuccessful. Have to imagine they weren't going to make staffing cuts without knowing what their budget and workload was going to be.