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I'm pretty hype for this really but I really hope they add a lot more type combination.

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@aznjon12: Team That Beat Flux it is then.

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@aznjon12: Are you sure that's a good idea for a team name Jon?

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Sweet perfect timing I have saturday off so count me in.

PSN: Grim-2-

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@JackSukeru: Sorry Jack you can't catch Cubone.

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@Dagbiker: I was thinking about using vanillish but I already know who I was going to use in my team so there's no room for him.

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@PhantomGardener: Hate to be the bearer of bad news but you can't catch Venomoth in BW2, but I be happy to give one away if you like.

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@Petiew said:

@j0lter: I think it's better this way. If you're making a bunch of different teams to play online it'd be frustrating to only be able to use a TM on one single pokemon out of 500+. Lots of the TMs were one time only and couldn't be bought, this way gives better flexibility.

This so much the one time use with tm's was very annoying when making a competitive team.

I wish the HM's where more useful, the only HM that's good is surf the rest are just garbage.Maybe if there base power where higher and had a good secondary effect I would use them more.

Edit: Forgot to add waterfall in useful HM list.

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@Hizang: Wait Vlcarona's a legendary pokemon.

@DonChipotle: Oh god I love joltik and Galvantula sooooo much compoundeyes plus thunder equals massive rape.

@j0lter: I'll see your lawnmower and raise you a refrigerator.