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You're all just attached to their name. The people who made the great games everyone remembers probably stopped working there long ago, so you really shouldn't be bummed out about this, it's not like they made any good games recently. It's just like what happened with Lucas Arts.

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@reisz: Some SWG fans just don't want to give up hope, do you?

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lol rip mass effect

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Aren't you meant to put sources in the article so we can actually read more about it than the little amount you cared to write?

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You guys need to take a chill pill and stop getting so mad about this stuff. I saw some of Brad and Alex's tweets and they both seem to let it get to them so easily and they aren't even the ones getting any hate.

Everyone's getting too offended about things nowadays, you just need to realize that the internet has become an outlet for people to say things they wouldn't normally say out loud, I bet a lot of them don't even mean what they say, they just know that it will get under your skin because you're taking things too seriously.

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Yeah, so obvious, wish you told us earlier.

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Mate it isn't going to change as soon as you think. A lot of places still don't have the internet speeds capable of handling this type of media, I even live in 5 year old housing estate and I can't even get a better speed than 2mb because there is no fibre optic cable running through the area. Most of Scotland has been in the process of switching to fibre optic for years now but the dates of when it will happen keeps getting pushed back further and further. I remember in 2007 the newspaper had an article which stated that I should be able to have access to it in 2010, but I don't see it happening for atleast 3 more years at this point.

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@j23: I don't think we'll be seeing Battlefront until 2017 because they showed what they had at E3 and that wasn't much at all. It looked like they are just in the planning phase since they were just showing concepts and generations of rough ideas.

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I hope it isn't insulting when I say the Tweets part of this feature is my favorite part