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Oh man I've been pondering this for some time and I knew I would have to reply to one of these threads so has anyone really been as far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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@Shadow:  Ofc its written to sound as much alike, but deny the similarities, you cannot.
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Here ya go 

Set years after the first film (circa 1610-1614), John Smith (voiced in the sequel by Donal Gibson) has been presumed dead in a plot by Governor Ratcliffe, the villain from the original film, to declare war against the Powhatan Nation. In order to prevent this, a young diplomat, John Rolfe, is sent to bring Chief Powhatan to King James for negotiations. In the New World, Pocahontas mourns John Smith's death but is eventually able to move on. John Rolfe soon arrives, greeted by English civilians (who by now have settled in Jamestown) and a curious Pocahontas. After an incident with a biased sailor, Pocahontas meets Rolfe, but is disgusted by his need to take charge; Rolfe in turn does not like Pocahontas's independent spirit.

Rolfe later overhears two women talking about Pocahontas preventing a war, and assumes that "Pocahontas" is the name of the Chief of the Powhatans. That night, at a dance, Rolfe intrudes with a gift of a horse for "The Mighty Pocahontas." When Pocahontas steps forward, Rolfe finds himself in an awkward situation: the stubborn Chief will not go to England, but unless an envoy is sent, war will break out. Pocahontas volunteers, despite doubt and concern from others. Later that night, Grandmother Willow tells her to "listen to the spirit within." The next day, Pocahontas sets off for England with Meeko, Flit, and Percy stowing away on the ship, and a bodyguard sent by the Chief (known as Uttamatomakkin). While on the ship, Pocahontas is nearly arrested by the captain as a stowaway, but Rolfe saves her. Then Rolfe and Pocahontas come to a truce, and perhaps this is where the first sparks of romance appear.

Upon arriving in England, Pocahontas marvels at this "new world." But Ratcliffe is only to happy to learn that she is there, a "lowly woman" instead of a chief, and hands Rolfe a proclamation signed by King James that says an Armada will sail if he is not pleased with the Powhatan ambassador. Rolfe and Pocahontas set out for his estate outside of London, where Mrs. Jenkins (a housekeeper, or perhaps a relative) happily greets them and puts on tea, her trademark solution to a problem. Rolfe meets with the King, who invites Pocahontas and Rolfe to The Hunt Ball. If Pocahontas can impress the King by appearing "civilized", the armada will not set sail.

Rolfe is doubtful of the plan, but Pocahontas is determined to impress King James. Pocahontas dons a hoop skirt, high heels and a yellow ball dress, and is powdered to look white. Rolfe gives her lessons in dance and local etiquette, as well as a necklace (which she puts on in place of her mother's, abandoning herself to be moulded into somebody she's not). She delights the King with some flattery and pleases the Queen (who had always seemed to be an open-minded person). But during a bear-baiting (arranged by Ratcliffe), Pocahontas cannot stand by and watch the torture, and accuses the King and the laughing aristocrats of behaving like a savage. James accuses Pocahontas of the same thing for defending the bear, and angrily orders Pocahontas and Uttamatomakkin's arrest. Rolfe, his hopes of peace having failed, meets a hooded stranger who aids him in breaking Pocahontas out of jail. At a cabin in the woods the hooded man is revealed to be John Smith, who still has feelings for Pocahontas, and wants her to stay hidden, instead of trying to stop the armada. Rolfe wants Pocahontas to listen to her heart. Smith realizes Rolfe also admires her.

Pocahontas remembers her (now married) friend Nakoma's words. Willing to risk her life for her people, she washes the powder from her face, goes before the king and convinces the Queen of the truth. And when John Smith appears, the King, a personal friend of Ratcliffe, realizes that Ratcliffe lied about Smith's death and there being gold in Virginia. Pocahontas, Uttamatomakkin, Smith, and Rolfe then set out to stop the Armada. After the good guys knock most of the sailors overboard and cause the ships to crash together, Smith bests Ratcliffe in a final swordfight. Ratcliffe pulls out a pistol, but Rolfe and Pocahontas stop him. Ratcliffe is met on shore by King James, who has the governor arrested and dragged away despite his pleas.

Pocahontas tells Rolfe that she plans to leave for home (Uttamatomakkin ends up staying), and the two hint at admitting they love each other. Smith interrupts, telling Pocahontas he wants to travel the world with her by his side on his newly-awarded ship. Rolfe leaves, dismayed. Pocahontas gently tells Smith that their time together is over and they must part ways. Smith wishes her well, kisses her hand one last time, and leaves. Sadly, Rolfe has vanished. As her ship leaves port, Rolfe reveals he is on board, and Pocahontas runs to his arms. Pocahontas reminds him about his duty to the King, but Rolfe says that he has a duty to honor what is in his heart. They kiss as the ship sails into the sunset.

Replace Pocahontas withNeytiri  
Replace John Smith with 
Jake Sully 
Oh and just in case you havent figured it out 

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@Geno:  To each his own then dude 
Edit: Thats not the end of my issues with bioware...but thats a story for another time
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@Geno:  Well it affected me, and as for the DLC, this shit was ready a long time ago but they decided to keep some stuff out of the game for the sake of a couple of bucks... and that friggin npc... ugh 
And while I'm on the bioware hate train I'll just throw this out ^^
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@Geno:  Well for starters the limited installation amount on ME, and the "hey lets not put stuff that should be in the game like stash, and make it a  DLC...more profit!! (yeeeeh!)" and the "Hey man wanna buy some dlc?" npc 
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@NoXious:  Thanks for letting me know! 
Biofags and EA can kiss my ass after what they did with ME pc and DA
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@wordsgohere:   YOU!

Are a  douche!
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@pornstorestiffi:  PPL that buy it are just the enablers greedy corporate bosses are the ones making it happen.
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Anyone else rage when the dude pretty much asks you to download content ingame? 
Good job on whore-ing out your npc´s and game :(((