Better High Schools than the One I Attended

Ah, high school. That time in one's life devoted to studies, being humiliated by the opposite sex, barely passing Drivers Ed, and being trapped in enclosed spaces with hundreds of other students just as hormonal and confused as you are.

Yeah, high school is not known for being the high point of a happy, successful life. My high school was no different in that regard; particularly in a town where the most exciting thing one could count on happening any given school day is the ring of the final bell.

It was boring, is what I am saying. So I can't help but feel envious of the high schools video game characters attend. Even with the downsides, it would have made for a more exciting experience than what I went through. Of course, if I attended even half the schools on this list, my chances of surviving to see graduation might have been substantially lower. Be that as it may, I would have still preferred attending these schools.

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