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Wow, that Extra Credits video was surprisingly awesome, content-wise. The people who made that should feel proud.  
My only complaint about it is the voice thing, which will probably prevent me from watching more of their videos. I get that they're going for a particular aesthetic (soundsthetic?), but it's honestly a little distracting, given the subject matter.

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I personally loved FF XII, but I'm not sure that you will, based on your criteria for an "attactive" FF game.

For starters, the combat is not your traditional turn-based (or pseudo-realtime) battle system. It's more akin to a MMORPG, in that you run around the map, wait for a meter to fill up, and then attack the enemy. There is never a moment where you don't have full movement control of your main character. Another big part of the combat is the gambit system, which kind of allows you to program what your team will do ability-wise in any given situation.

Second, the plot is not nearly as cheesy, nor nearly as epic as in other FFs. Which is to say that it's really good, but you might feel like there's not enough "story". It also lacks most of the nonsensical trappings found in other FF games.

Third, the dialog and voice acting is fucking phenomenal. It's one of the best-translated and voice-acted games I've ever played, and it immediately sucks you into the world.

Fourth, the characters are all interesting, with fleshed out back stories (with a couple notable exceptions), but you'll wish the game spent a little more time with each of them.

I would say give it a shot if you can find it cheap or used, but don't force yourself to slog through it if the combat turns you off. Maybe read some old reviews or watch a few videos before making your purchase.

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ZOE was okay, but ZOE2 was fucking amazing. Beautiful and fun to play. It appears that I will be buying all of the HD releases.

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@HitmanAgent47: Since when are games played as still screenshots?  If a game looks better in motion, how is that possibly a bad thing?
I like how you say you hate PS3 fanboys who try to convince people otherwise by telling you they own every console:  "Besides don't expect a million replies, I am tired of replying to those who says their not a ps3 fanboy because they own every console or some jibberish like that."
...only to do the exact same thing yourself: "I do own a ps3 btw" 
"My standards are crysis on very high and just about every pc multiplatform exclusive like resident evil 5, batman arkham asylum and call of duty 4, since they all look sharp. "
Wait, why are you posting in this thread?  You do realize this is about the PS3 and 360 right?  Also, what exactly do you mean by "multiplatform exclusive"?
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"Killzone is the only one I might agree with, it's a very nice looking game, but it sacrificed a lot, including things like co-op to be able to look as good as it does.  Although it looks very nice, I'd take the 4 player co-op Halo campaign any day, it's just so much more fun, even if it doesn't look anywhere near as good."
Uncharted 2 looks better than Killzone 2 (and Motorstorm 2 does too in my opinion), so I'm not sure why you think Killzone is the only one that looks better.  I'll ignore your comment about gameplay because it's subjective and because it's not what we are even discussing.  We are talking about whether or not the 360 could run Uncharted 2.  I said that it might be possible, but that I didn't think it was likely.
For all of you who think that any game made exclusively for the PS3 could run identically on the 360, then I have a simple question.  Why is there no game on the 360 that looks as good as Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2?  If the 360 can do it, then we would have seen it 4 years into its life, right?
I'm not debating which system is "better" (because this is entirely subjective and relative to an individual) or which system is "winning" the console war (MS is clearly winning in terms of hardware sales).  I'm just saying that a more powerful piece of hardware is more capable of doing something than less powerful hardware, even if the difference in power is small.  If you can't admit that, then you are just as much a fanboy as the PS3 folks claiming the DVD is a limiting factor in 360 games.
My suggestion for folks with a 360 but no PS3 is to enjoy your exclusives and equal-or-slightly-better multiplatform games, and not get caught up in fact that there are a few PS3 exclusives that might look better than the games you're playing.  And my suggestion to folks with a PS3 but no 360 is to enjoy your few exclusives that are better-looking than 360 games, and not get caught up in the fact that multiplatform games are equal or slightly worse.
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Well, as others have mentioned, it's a first party game, so from a business standpoint it is impossible to see it on 360.  But for a little clarification about the technical reasons, here goes.
First of all, look at the quotes you paraphrased.  It is a pain in the ass to program for the PS3 (compared to PC and 360). That doesn't mean that the 360 is more powerful.  If you look at raw numbers, the PS3 is hands down a more powerful system.  The problem with multi-platform games, and devs who are primarily PC developers (John and Gabe) is that the 360 hardware is much closer to a PC's and thus easier for them to program for.
Almost all quotes from devs about preferring the 360 over the PS3 stem from the fact that most of the programmers on their teams have no idea how to get the most out of the Cell processor. They have programmed for a PC architecture for their entire careers, and from a business standpoint, they don't feel like they will get the return on investment by learning how to program for the PS3.  Look at nearly any cross-platform release, and the PS3 version is almost never the better-looking game. It's difficult to port from one architecture to another.
Now, on the other hand, Sony 1st party devs don't have any other option than to learn the PS3 architecture.  It's taken them a little while to get comfortable with it, but if you look at some games that have come out recently, there's not really anything on the 360 that can beat them (graphically.) 

  • Motorstorm 2
  • MGS 4
  • Killzone 2
  • Uncharted 2
So, while I'm not saying Uncharted 2 can't be done on the 360, it seems very unlikely.  The quotes from the 2 PC devs about how they don't want to spend the resources to do PS3 development is more about their justification of a business decision, and less about a performance comparison.
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Texas A&M fan here.  We beat lowly NM on Saturday 41-6. Normally, I would not be excited about this, but last year we probably would have lost (or won by a very small margin).  
We might be good enough this year to go to a crappy bowl game. Normally I would not be excited about that either, but last year we were 4-8, so...
Gig 'em!

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My top 3 PSN games:
Super Stardust HD (arcady goodness)
Pixel Junk Eden (zen gaming)
Fat Princess (multiplayer)

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Lots of good ones posted so far.  Got a couple to add:
Jethro Tull - Aqualung 
Muse - Plug In Baby 
Opeth - Deliverance (Unfortunately, the vid doesn't contain the full 13 and a half minutes of awesome)
Kind of an eclectic mix, I know.

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I'm going to tell you right now that I am not qualified according to the posting.  I do have a lot of experience with the wrong technology stack (J2EE), but not a lot on the less web-facing stuff. I started out working on a large website for about a month, and then got pulled away to help start up a dozen or so small-to-medium-sized internal web-apps for one of my company's clients.  Been working on those in sequence (actually about 4-5 at a time in parallel) for about 2 and a half years now.

  • I've got a little experience with Python.  I wrote a plugin for Trac, as well as an exporter for Blender for use in a game engine of mine.  But that's about the extent of my knowledge.  I'm a Java guy who is trying to branch out into the FP world. 
  • I've got some experience with MySQL,Oracle, and MSSQL. I can do simple things like write a query, and look for columns to index, but I wouldn't be able to tune things like effective_cache_size based on usage patterns.
  • Worked with Linux a little, but most of the stuff in the J2EE world is pretty environment-agnostic, so I don't have a lot of experience.  I have set up Apache to serve SVN and Trac a couple of times, and I hacked together a pre-configured version of Knoppix (based on Buildix).  But that knowledge is not second-nature.  I'd need to look it up to do it again.
  • My editor (Eclipse) is vastly superior to yours mainly because of the language.  You can't do a lot of refactoring on a dynamically typed language.  Also, I can write my code in a nice concise way in Scala and still have access to the billions of open-source Java libraries out there.  But on top of just language differences, it's got excellent plugins for SVN, automatic web-app deployment, jsp/html/js/css/you-name-it editors, database query browser, etc...
  • As far as embracing new technologies, I've started devoting all of my personal programming time to Scala which is a hybrid Object Oriented and Functional Programming language that runs on the JVM.  It's statically typed, but it has type inferencing, so most of the time you don't need to specify a type at all (unless you're writing a library).  I haven't played around with it yet, but it has a web-framework called Lift that focuses on Comet (server-push) for delivering content to large amounts of concurrent users.
Anyway, sorry for the massive swing-and-miss on what you asked for, but at the very least I was able use it as a refresher to get my resume up to date.
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