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I remember seeing a comment somewhere that resonated with me relating to my frustration with the game. One of the main problems I have with this game is the track variety and layout like others have said, however, this comes from the fact that each and every drop has a trick and race event. Meaning, the track has to be designed to be a good track for both kinds of gameplay unlike past SSX games which featured plenty of separate trick tracks and race tracks that were designed specifically for those types of gameplay. If any DLC is released for this game I would hope that they would introduce a mountain range or two that had very tightly focused tracks for each type of gameplay, I'm just not convinced that you can have a track that can be both.

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I feel like this is worth donating to regardless of whether you want to play the game or not, support independent developers is always worthwhile.

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Hoping that the GB community would do something like this.

GT: Hallway Giant

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Same issue, Win 7 FIrefox 6.0.2

No matter how many (single or multiple upload) it does not even try to upload, just hangs.

Edit: Chrome will upload, but it stalls at 100%.

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EA2D should be renamed BioWare San Francisco (retaining EA2D as a alias). 
News link.

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Every time a executive says something to this effect I like big-budget console games are doomed to all be highly marketable uninspired crap from here on. Really depressing.

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The WiiWare/DSiWare train stops for no man!

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Nah, motherboards/video cards have way 'better' art than Vanquish could ever hope to have.