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These types of comments are incredibly thoughtless. This is an intensely unstable industry and it is almost unheard of for any developer to last 25 years like this Maxis studio did. This is not a reflection of EA so much as a reflection on how this industry operates. Every major publisher has shut down developers and also opened new developers to replace them.

Yet EA always does shuts its studios down after one or two crummy games, could you defend EA any harder. There's a reason why EA has a bad reputation, more-so than any publisher, and it's related to the way the handle their business models and studios. There is a consistency that stinks.

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Another victory for us freedom loving gamers™ huh!

I can't wait for the next bandwagon - I really hope its about the corn crops of America or if the moon landing was really real.

Epic thread OP :^)

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They can lower the prize, now can they shrink the VHS sized xone?

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MD Geist

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I avoid anything Patrick and Alex, Alex's bombasticas were great but no longer around, I do read the reviews. Such is life. I do not like their content at all. I liked reading the reviews, but they are far and few between now so shitty. Anything wrestling related and dota related I avoid, even though I am a massive dota player - I don't think I could handle the way Brad plays games, he's still a great guy and great on screen personality. Keep up the good work everyone.

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Game looks and plays like a generic 00s FPS. A relic of its time I'd argue. Very polished, but how many iterations of a game you've played before can you validate paying full price (and some people a whole new console to play it more or less)?


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Making it very tough to like you Dan, but I appreciate your antics more-so then other people's shit.

Dont stop being Danny dude.

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