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They can lower the prize, now can they shrink the VHS sized xone?

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MD Geist

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I avoid anything Patrick and Alex, Alex's bombasticas were great but no longer around, I do read the reviews. Such is life. I do not like their content at all. I liked reading the reviews, but they are far and few between now so shitty. Anything wrestling related and dota related I avoid, even though I am a massive dota player - I don't think I could handle the way Brad plays games, he's still a great guy and great on screen personality. Keep up the good work everyone.

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Game looks and plays like a generic 00s FPS. A relic of its time I'd argue. Very polished, but how many iterations of a game you've played before can you validate paying full price (and some people a whole new console to play it more or less)?


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Making it very tough to like you Dan, but I appreciate your antics more-so then other people's shit.

Dont stop being Danny dude.

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I can willingly eat and packaged super processed sandwich and or burger. Like the ones that come in those vacuumed bags and are a billion dollars. Not too bad if you're desperate.

Pizza pops.

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Remember when video games used to be about video games, and not people blowing up and crying about every footnote?

I dont even know or care about any of these people. If I look them up and see that most of their content is their discontent about other things that don't matter, you're doing shit wrong.

So fucking dumb.

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I don't associate myself with people who are so hung up on such little things. If I am referring to a man, he, a woman, she - if there's two of them and their both apart of my discussion - they. I usually just use fucking names.