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Great "Next Gen" Debut for a Long Running Series 0

A combination of likable characters, surprising plot twists, fantastic music, and a consistant bitter-sweat tone made Final Fantasy X a completely satisfying (Final Fantasy) game experience.  Far superior to the previous "next generation" debut title, Final Fantasy 7. I felt consistent empathy and compassion for the main characters, something I had missed since Final Fantasy 6. The narrative is hurt by weak voice acting (understandable considering this is the first fully voiced Final Fantasy) w...

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Powerful Story Telling - But You May Not Like the Story 0

No matter what your opinion of previous Grand Theft Auto games, GTA 4 is worth playing (at least for the first half of the game). The gameplay is satisfying and nicely varied between vehiclular and pedestrian action, but this is the least you can expect from a AAA game title. What sets GTA 4 apart is it's story and strong narrative. In the opening act, the main character Niko evokes the player's sympathy. He is haunted by his past, which includes the violent deaths of family members and war cri...

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Souless and Unfun 0

This game is as soulless and unfun. It is repetitive, shallow, and frequent cut scenes only highlight the unlikable characters. Still curious? Borrow the game and complete the first assassination mission. I'll wait. Done? Okay, you've now seen everything the game has to offer. Did you like that long ride to the first city? Did you love the investigations (sit on a bench and listen overhear, walk real slow and press b to pick pocket)? Are you thrilled at the thought of climbing up 10 view points...

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At Best a Poor Man’s Half-Life 2

I didn’t enjoy most of the game, it was frustrating as hell, but I appreciate having played it. At best its a poor man’s Half-Life. That's a huge compliment coming from me, I’ve never played anything like Half-Life from any other developer. The fate of the developer (closed after this, their first xbox game) also illustrates the perils of creating a Half-Life like game without having the resources or experience of Valve Software. In HL, players just barely survive every puzzle, chase, or combat ...

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Prince of Persia - A Good Video Game 0

The new Prince of Persia is a good, mainstream video game released in 2008. Considering how many components there are in a contemporary big budget game this is an impressive feat, and understandably rare.. The game doesn't do anything revolutionary (unless you count the fact that you can not die). It meets  the requirements of a contemporary, mainstream video game: beautiful polygon based graphics, competent (sometimes charming) voice work, good character design and development, good sound desig...

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