So I played a crap ton of games lately.

 Since my last blog post i have been fairly busy with some games most of them newer. 

Kingdom Hearts 2

 I've put about 30 hours into KHII now and I am actually starting to enjoy it. I hit the tron level and the story really started to pick up. 

You had king mickey and all his shenanigans and the sheer awesomeness that was the  Tron level. My one big gripe with the game would just have to be the difficulty.  
I am not grinding at all and I really just feel like I am crushing all the baddies without even barely trying.   

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

I looked in the mail earlier this month and saw a gamefly envelope sitting in there. I opened it and to my surprise it was  Silent Hill: Shattered Memorie s for the Wii.  

 Now this game had hardly been on my radar as I don't play many games by myself on the Wii, but once I saw it win Giant Bomb's GOTY it really peaked my interest and i threw it on the gamefly queue. 
 Now after playing all the games before it I had it and popped it in.  I was immediately impressed with the atmosphere despite the graphical limitations.  
I played the game for about an hour and then set it down to go to bed. It took me about a week to finally go back to the game but boy was I glad I did. I got hooked that night and stayed up till about 4 a.m. playing it. I really enjoyed the characters and liked how the game made you feel like it was almost judging your actions.  
I really wish that this feature would be in other games. I never really think about doing bad things in most games but if its actually  psychologically profiling what I do it makes me think "If I go in the ladies bathroom is this game going to think I'm a perv?". The ending was just crazy as well. 

I like the slow progression of the story and how you slowly learned who the characters were including yourself. My only real gripe with the game were the "chase" sequences.  


 If you are unaware this game has no combat in it. Every so often the game just goes all Silent Hill and you enter dark world and then you just run. At first I thought this might be cool and it actually was.  


 The problem is later in the game it expects you to go to a certain spot which is really difficult to find because there is no mini map. So you are forced to pull out your phone and look at the map. Half the time when you do this you end up getting killed. It was really frustrating because I was enjoying the story but I kept getting killed in these sequences that really didn't add all that much to the game.  

I would suggest Wii owners try this as i had quite a bit of fun with it. 

Super Street Fighter 4

Another game I played and purchased recently was   Super Street Fighter 4. Boy am I happy i bought this game. I bought SF4 about 2 or 3 months ago and when I first got it was way into it but then kind of fell off. I have been following all the hype and what not for  SSFIV and was interested but not exactly sure if i would enjoy it much. It has completely once again rekindled my Street Fighter love. I enjoy all of the new characters and the new online features are great. 

Just Cause 2 and Alan Wake

I haven't really gotten to put much time into Just Cause 2 or   Alan Wake, but so far I am enjoying them both quite a bit. 
The atmosphere in Alan Wake is just fantastic. It really has this cool spooky vibe from all the lighting and its really convincing as well. The story seems really strong and I am excited to see how it unravels.  
Just Cause 2   is a video game ass video game. It is so ridiculous and unrealistic but that is what I love about it. Of course none of the things within it are plausible but who cares because did you see that sweet ass explosion? Or did you see me jump a car off a huge cliff ride in it for about 2 minutes then parachute out and set off an explosive? Crazy things are abound in Just Cause 2.  I am really excited to go back and see what other ridiculousness  there is to be had within it's wacky world. 
I am off to play more games. Hope whomever read this enjoyed this ridiculously long blog post =D