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upscalling is ok because it doesn't take away information but AA simply does take away information and replace good pixel information such as a solider crouching behind a curved surface with abstract wrong edge information just to make that edge smooth to the eye and can hide the information from you that a solider is just popping out there by a fraction. Its super hardcore but in a game like battlefield this would effect you on a per match basis.

AA is really bad. I hope for example on the PS4 if your able to set your output resolution to 1600x900 rather than 1080p if that will effectively turn the AA off or stop you from seeing it as happens with a number of 360 games if you set the resolution to 1280x720 or some such native. I used a VGA cable to do this often with its expanded resolution support but if 720p is native then it should be easy to do (if they give you the option) with hdmi

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honestly for multiplayer anti-aliasing is bad from a competitive standpoint you want it off because some times you have to ID a target in battlefield by just 2 or so pixels and AA messes that up OFTEN.

This comes from a 10 year BF vet on PC.

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Relic must be linked to the Warhammer 40k Licence them selves with no other studio allowed to make 40k games. That explains why Space marine clearly used art assets made by Vigil games but was "relic made" .

Not to put socks in any of you company of heros fans mouths but when Dawn of War 2 copyed the Company of Heroes model it was seen as a resonable failure and turned into basicaly a SC2 custom map spin off last stand beacuse people hated the COH style game play in it so much compared to the original Dawn of War. that 26million is mostly for the Warhammer 40k franchise i bet... not Company of Heroes (well a little bit)

Vigil where working on effectivly the SpaceMarine 2 (but it was called Dark Melenium online) but that was a joint effort between them and Relic. with saga spending that much on Relic... i think if they where smart they would pick up all the vigil guys left as well.. seeing as they well... ... where working on warhammer 40k..

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Mind you Games Workshop the owners of the Warhammer 40k Ip did show a promo for a new game made by a nun of the above publishers or developers but it was for a spin of board game for 40k space hulk and mabye was outside any iP rules?

All i know is that Saga being able to make both fantasy Warhammmer and 40k games now could do some pretty cool stuff. For example the next White Dwarf magazine should list models that if built in diferent ways can be used in eather 40k or Fantasy warhammer saga could do some really nifty art asset sharing and even mabye make a new "warhammer" engine for relic and creative assembly to use.. and potential base 2 RTS games on it and pick up the scraps of that MMO.

The potential for Saga to make a huge come around and pick up in blizzards slack is huge right now.

Mind you Blizzard just released the Best trailer ever made for SC2s first expansion yesterday.... i wonder why

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Valves Steam BOX killer app will not be HL3 we have already got HL3 and HL3ep1 but are too greedy and stupid to admit that it was just Portal and Portal2

i could it be that STEAM BOXs big exclusive is a franchise picked up in this very sale. Valve would have made a killing selling various THQ games on steam over the year and they clearly had a very very fond place in their hearts for the STALKER series via the special support they gave it.. THQ games where constantly in high sales amounts on steam and in prime places over its dash.

With Valves work emulating the Blizzards Warcraft style on Dota2 which in turn emulates Warhammer... mabye Valves killer app will be a Warhammer 40k title? the art assets of that canned 40k MMO seem of great quality and prime for use (on Source rather than the Darksiders engine they are currently rigged up for?). and Warhammer is really popular in areas where steam is the strongest such as the UK and Europe as well as Russia.

Lets face it for mass marketing apeal Valves Franchises are kinda weak Counter Strike probably stands out the most but with the recent shootings i doubt any Marketing team would want to push that as a advertised title. They need some thing that jumps out at a bored gaming audience stuck in realism but still obsessed with world of warcraft. a Warhammer 40k reskin of mabye a game Valve are already working on but have not nailed down a visual style for would be some thing very atractive to get hold of at a good price i would imagine.

Fake dreams over.

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Would a Licenced Franchise like the Warhammer 40k licence be up for action as well or would Games Workshop have the right to send that licence off to some one els.. i noticed just a week ago Games Workshop announced a IPhone game of Space Hulk that was not being made by a THQ company but rather a indy dev from the looks of it.

I hope Games Workshop keep Vigil Games working on the Dark Millennium multiplayer *pre release reboot* .. that would have been soooo dope Warhammer Battlefield/ wowBattlegrounds was what it sounded like and that seriously would have been a huge hit and could have no joke killed Call of duty and BF3 and crysis and halo combined... its bloody sad.. sigh... plz plz plz i hope that doesn't stop like.. sigh that game has to come out!!... plz plz plz

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they should make the previous campaigns free statecraft is already too expensive for what it offers this and the 2nd expansion will make that ratio worse.

They shouldn't have split up SC2 but delayed it more.. same goes for Diablo3 i feel like the delays and silence for these too games was more to do with a marketing plan for slow attention wow players than any thing els. its disgusting they have both been shit.

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i was playing 64 player battlefield in 2002 and while battlefield 3 maps and player counts might scale up nice to what battlefield 1942 was used to on a pc.. its graphics engine is still a console gfx engine it does not make use of the large memory pools of PC nor does it use the GPU much (the biggest boost is gets from GPU actually vita cuda and direct compute ATI) for people with weaker cpus!

This gen started with World of Warcraft and Xbox live . And it Ended With PSN shutdown and The Next Ipad.

we are currently in a Dead Generation that will prob restart Next weekend when Blizzard or Bungie or both announce there Next Gen MMO. And Microsoft announce/rush a already "leaked mentioned major nelson interview talked about with xbox dev staff 256podcast" Xbox Tablet to market next year if the superior 1080p version of Blackops2 on WiiU steals too many youtube streamers.

The lackluster response to the desire to get a XBOX next or Kinect next has put the final nail in the console coffin. Consles are already dead we just havent wized up to it yet. The leaks of documents was just to scale page views to see if there was remaining mainstream interest in a new console and there is not. its all going to tablets and Pcs now fokes.. and if BLizzard sign a exclusive deal much like Bungie has (i still think they are working on the same game just PVE / PVP respectively ) then PC might turn more into what the mac is for gaming.

iths the truth and you know it!

so basic outcomes

)))Sony switches to put psn on every thing streams games via net stops selling VITA/Consoles to first world still keeps selling PSP/VITA/PS3 to 3rd world with bad net.

)))WiiU is a Sucsess or failure it doesn't matter the next nintendo handheld will also be there next console.. they switch to one device beacuse they cant be bothered syncing eshop rewards.

)))Microsoft dont release a new console ever again just try and play catch up to WiiU with smart glass for a while.. then give up and Release a gaming tablet thats already been talked about on Major nelson as the next gen explicitly hinted at via xbox dev staff in podcast 256.

)))Steam release some pointless device that feels as cheap as low end razor products

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its going to be a controler + a wireless usb hub IMO. Both shit and pointless valve have lost thur way. After Playing BLack MESA you realise they havent added any thing new to gaming since 1998 other than a shop. People compare them to Blizzard but they are complacently different Blizzard borrows ideas and DESIGNS games Valve just sell games ... they have just become a publishing house..

And people who worship them on PC .. are just ffking sad holding onto some dream they had at a lan party in the early 2000s of a future that doesn't exist. Valve do not publish there sales data because its not impressive... wake up out of the Dream people in 6months you will be like why the hell is my noisy pc beside my TV and that will be the end of that.

Every one is getting worked up about PC gaming this year saying its back on top etc..and thing its going to return to some era from the 2000s-2005 your just dreaming guys the way Sony talk about there new Slim PS3 pretty much confirms PS4 released next year and Xbox revision of first the Dpad and then the analog stick (yes there is a new analog stick design in very new 360 controlers of limited edition) you realise that the bits of the next gen are already here.. they put a Xbox v3 analog stick in the new 360 controllers.. FACT. what exactly are you going to play on PC for the next 6months thats going to revolutionse PC gaming and make it like it was back in the Lan party days of the early 2000s.. DayZ (lol)? .... thats like 1 game and i can thing of one other (blizzards new MMO) but with bungie signing a 1 year exclusivity on there MMOs first year on 360 you can bet that will cover the year leading up to the Xboxv3 release next year or the year after.... fact is people are getting all worked up about moving there pc to the living room and seeing it play at 1080p rather than 720p... when TRU pc gamers not just console boys jumping on steam cuz its trendy have been playing at resolutions close to 4k via 30inch or eyefinity for like lol half a decade already. Literaly all this Trend is doing is making console players see what it would be like to get a WiiU its that sad. PC still has no games and the people that are jumping on this STeam Sale sexy trend are not even core PC gamers .. its all just a big foolish play to get as much money as they can out of us before the true next gen starts that will pro be gaming at resolutions between 1920x1080 > 4k some where in the middle i would expect.. and thats going to impress you alot more not to mention games actualy CODED for 8cores as microsoft is adopting that now.. REALITY check PC GAMES ARE made for 1-2 cores at best and usualy its just for sound. PC is a Development platform.. You may get a nice set up and think your steam libary looks sexy but when the only new IP that comes out for you is 1 new mmo from blizzard... that is made for the core pc audience not the jumping ship console crowd you will feel pretty silly for making your Living room a noisy mess of cables. People need to wake up and see that Valve is not more progressive than Good old Games ... they are scamming people thinking they are creating a "console" on PC... alot of people are going to be disapointed if they dont think about these realitys before they blindly think a company with no new creative ideas ... studios or willingness to fun first party is a good company to throw 200 at for some controler made by 5 intern grads and the rest of the company just a bunch of people in a office and afue guys tooling around on a engine from 2005 saying its "being meaninfully updated" and selling posters and cute stuff to internet addicts.

Valve is sad and exploitative of gamers WAKE UP GROW UP its not 2002

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hmm thanks for saying good things about the Avertv ... after some consideration i think if Sony patch good Remote play suport in for Grand Trismo 5 .. i will only need a capture device that can dispaly a VGA signal with 0 lag... but its nice that that Avertv is a option for others.. i remember seing a VGA only capture device a while ago.. if any one knows any thing about a good cheap VGA only capture device that could be a good way for me to save some money (i only have 1 game for PS3 and thats GT5 and acording to a recent sony anouncment and the rate that PD update the game.. i should be fine playing ps3 games (at least sony pubilished ones on vita) and not my big screen)

oh and i found a old tube TV for the Wii so thats ok.. leaving only the old xbox360 with its VGA cable.. hmm

WTB VGA capture/display card at low low price/lag

on and just some clarification the reason i have this odd request is that i have a monitor set up of 3x 1920x1200 monitors in portrate mode and unfortunatly if i use the monitors other inputs i would have to tilt my own head to play :( .. to hope is that i can play 360 games in 1280x720 on one of the screens in a window that would be 1200x720 taking up only 1/9th of my screen space of 3600x1920 (picture in picture so to speak but not using the monitors connectors) while doing some thing els on the PC/./// mmo/timewaste/snipe etc.

so i guess my options are Avertv or look for a VGA only type device with 0 lag hmm..

i have abit to time to find this.. prob need it most around borderlands 2 time... so if any one has any ideas in the future feel free to add..


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i dont see why the digital signels should have any lag.. honestly i think thous capture cards that have the lag are just badly made. and have poor software. whats the reason they cant show a preview thats before encode? thats just data.