What tomorrow brings and the past makes us remember...?

Jesus, thank the maker Allah, Buddha, the mercifully lord the maker and the other Gods, I am looking forward to the release of Dragon Age 2! To be exact I am so excited that I have ever been for an RPG. And to be honest, that is a rare thing for me. Sure, I have been playing World Of Warcraft and all it's expansions, but WoW is mere a social game for me, as it is an serious RPG/MMORPG game that I play just to play a great and for filling game.

My friends play this game and that is more or less the reason for why I am playing it, and that is fine by me. Because in my eyes WoW is nothing without the "real" people in it. Event though the world of Azeroth and so fort is this fantastic universe to get tangled up in, for me this game don't have the charm nor continuously pulling power when it comes to gamers like me, which also is a different kinda gamer. (But that one is for another time!)

More specified...

But with Dragon Age 2 things seem different. First of all I need to be honest: I am not the biggest fan of the first game. Sure; I like the gameplay, LOVE the story and envy the guys who can find the time and effort to play through the game more than once. But that is where my patience and fun fact slash/aka interest in the game fades. Because my opinion of Dragon Age Origins is that, I did find the game a bit to sleepy for me to use over 200 hours of my life to complete the damn thing with all the experience and opportunities the game offers. And that is not because I favor the new games where there has been thought of "availability" (As Peter Molyneux have been talking ALOT about, especially during the release of the latest Fable game) No, I am partly against that concept, since the gaming industry has been using it the wrong way. Because ever since they have begun making more games that have better availability for new comers and more consumer orientated, they have forgotten the people that they previously have been making these games for; gamers, nerds or just the plain "the guys who love to play a virtually created game on a machine that shoot out sounds and visuals."

They now tend to jump over the fence where it is the lowest, with the consequence of unfinished, underdeveloped and uncool games that are less worth then a used stick deodorant. And do you know why?

I'll tell you....Because the emotional bond I get with a stick deodorant is greater than many games that has been released the last couple of years! Yep, that more or less sums up what I think about many company's in the gaming industry, but then again I am also "a hard costumer to satisfy", as the salesmen in Gamestop here in Denmark said to me when I was paying my hardly earned 103 US $ for this new game for my Xbox 360... And yes this is the normal price in Denmark for a new 360 game in all stores these days, and also most internet sites included! Wuhuu!

But is it too much to ask of the industry, that they try a little harder and work a little longer with a game to make it just that better and more thought through?

I do not think so, but I am no longer sure that, that many other people agree with me. But that is just me...

Back on topic

Things do really seem different with Dragon Age 2. The game have gotten revised graphics, new story, new combat system and a more streamlined look. And even though my alarm bells should be ringing like they too had been "taking the jump at the lowest part of the fence", the demo just feels...right, you know?! The story, the possibilities and just the development that the game seem to have been undergoing the last couple of years just feels right. But with this feeling thing, it just also makes it even harder to pinpoint the exact reason. At least until you have played the game through to it's fullest that is... :o)


But really I have been looking forward to Dragon Age 2 since the story of the last game was really great and captivating, and made me realize what I was missing out on in terms of RPG games. And since the sequel that is going to be released in the US tomorrow/today and by the time this is posted already is released here in Denmark (THANK YOU EA STORE Denmark AKA EA DOWNLOADER MANAGER), it is only moments away.

And with that I am singning of and will be back to get my say in the war on greater games! :-P



A newbie!

Hey fellow gamers! 
"As the new kid on the block", I am slowly but surely trying to get acquainted with the site and the users, finding out more and more stuff about the great concept that is Giantbomb, but also learning a bit about the difference between being a gamer in Europe and in the US. Because there is a difference when looking at how US gamer sites and gamers in particular observe the gaming world as it is. Because you are in the middle of it, you are the onces who always gets the great stuff first. But also US gamers are flooded with info and commercials regarding the gaming industry vice versa how much it fills up the European market, when thinking at tv commercials, magazines etc. 
Therefore it is very interesting and fun to be active at a american gamer site, that has a very different approach to the gaming industry :-) 
But enough with all the meaningless words of the mind. If you are interested, check out the Danish gamer page which I have been a part of for some time. I know that it will be just a lot of words and stuff you probably don't understand, but again, only if you are interested :-) 
Ps. If you are a Splinter Cell fan and looking forward to digging into the fifth and new installment of Conviction and fresh on some CO-OP or just Multiplayer, then PM me and we will go Live ;-)