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Shit... RIP Ryan

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@LordAndrew said:

In the interest of simplicity, I think it would be better not to have release dates for every region in the general information area. Release dates in that box aren't populated automatically from release data (only ratings are), so it would also create a lot of duplication of effort. Instead, I recommend more people use the release section and make it into something peoole will want to look at (i.e. no more "0 releases" nonsense).

@DeF said:

that said, the releases page needs more options for non-natively English speaking countries!

I agree somewhat with you, but if you put in the most popular areas like Europe and Australia for example underneath US, it could not hurt? And only 2 extra lines will not make it too complicated? Even more, to new users such a tiny extra thing will look a bit more friendly to none US users especially new users! And in interest of simplicity it actually does not change the fact that it will make it more simple for none US users!

I completely agree with you, but that needs more work in the subject of how to best service several areas without destroying what essentially is the great thing about GB. How do you make it easy to see what everything about what "this" opttion in this game means to "you", extra content etc etc...??

For example a button you can click if there is extra info about another specific region than US?

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@LordAndrew said:

Like this?

@Cerogravian said:

Congratulations, the feature already exists!

If it wasn't clear from LordAndrew's post, you just need to click the 'Releases' in the menu you see on the left side of any game page to see all available dates. Even though there are a few exceptions, usually most of Europe lines up with with the dates for the United Kingdom.

Another feature you may have missed is if you check the New Games-section, in the top right of the list you see four flags, and you can pick the closest one to get more relevant data!

Haha, bummer....

Sorry, I was unclear! I was thinking more in the direction that it would be visible beneath the US release date on the "Overview" page of the game, in the right side together with the other information..

So that it says:

"Original US release: bla bla...

Original EU release: bla bla...

Original etc etc... release"

Making it just a little bit more user friendly... Just a thought :)

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Hey guys!

Been thinking for a while now regarding the missing information for us European users on GB, why we cannot see, on the wiki page regarding games, a date for when a game will be released in EU?? Or in Asia or likewise in other countries.. I think it is a minor detail that should be there, since there a quite many people from other countries than the US that use this wonderful page. Because it is not only practical, but also a nice gesture in my opinion :-)

What do you think?


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Nice! But if they only made the game work here in Europe... An "Idle" problem with the updater makes the game unplayable.... DAMN IT!

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Let us se if it will make it to november, and not february?

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To be honest I think like most people here, that the game will survive because of its own audience and that alone has alot to say.

Yes, Square Enix may be killing a little of what the Hitman franchise was. But I my opinion IO Interactive has done well with this one and I am proud that the biggest game developer in my country is IO after all. They try their best with the parameters they are given, despite they are less than 200 people on a game.