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Pokemon Snap! Its just soooo relaxing to play that game.

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I really hope Phantasy Star Universe gets added to the list. I know the servers are down but the single player was just as good.

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If you'd like an invite me send me a FR. Make sure to let me know you're from GB. It takes 24-48hrs to get your invite code, FYI.

GT: Sigma Spartan

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This franchise needs to go. Bring back Prince of Persia.

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Not much, but here's a code for Woah Dave! on the 3DS.


? = 4+4

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Xbox One because, well that's the only console I have.

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Here's two codes. Enjoy duders!



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Telltale Presents: Final Fantasy

Telltale Presents: SIMS

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Definitely Destiny, I was really disappointed when I finally played the game and the amount of content there was. I was under the assumption this game was something else altogether from all the trailers and talk before launch.

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I'm all about the campaign. Multiplayer can wait.