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Definitely Destiny, I was really disappointed when I finally played the game and the amount of content there was. I was under the assumption this game was something else altogether from all the trailers and talk before launch.

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I'm all about the campaign. Multiplayer can wait.

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Playing through Persona Q and some Halo MCC multiplayer (Yes, it works.......sometimes).

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I only pre-order if I know it's a game that will have a limited run. Besides that I don't pre-order, I don't care about pre-order bonuses.

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So um, any word on when we can start the download? I feel like the whole game would take at least half a day on my internet.

"Beginning Saturday, November 22nd at 12.01 Eastern Time..." - Major Nelson

Just leave it downloading overnight.

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Episode I: Pod Racer with online multiplayer!!

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Sent my request. (SigmaSpartan)

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Matchmaking is still barely working for me. If I do get it the teams are completely unbalanced.

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