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Gracias I'll wait after e3.

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I just want one for the exclusives, has the ship officially sunk yet? thanks.

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The boys were talking about it on the bomb cast just wanted to know the name of the game and where I could find some information.

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What were your thoughts on the multiplayer when you had a chance to try it.

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@AjayRaz: That was gross but I feel like on a venn diagram of both mortal kombat deadly alliance fans and NU-METAL fans there would be a huge intersect.

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I would say no until I saw shinobi riding an atv, then it became a yes.

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I got the idea for this thread from the Friday the 13th, spookin with scoops. For whatever reason that got me looking at the music video to Nightmare on elm street the dream warriors. That delightful ditty got me reminisce about a time when bands would do a song for a certain film. Now some bands would just use an existing song they may have had on layaway that sort of fits with the movie but some would actually write a song for the movie. I used cheesy as a diplomatic term because it is hard to really say these songs are bad, but they certainly are hokey. I'd be delighted to see what you guys have in the chamber. Also if there is an existing thread on this please point me to it.

Fun fact Toby Mcguire had a rocking chair and warm milk in his rider.

"When I think of you I feel no fear, feel no pain" How do you feel when you think about capitain falcon?

(P.S. any J-buttrock is fine)

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I usually am, henrykillenger7 is my ID.

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I finally got around to playing assians creed 2, and have started to realize that it is an expertly crafted game. The world, Traversal, Combat all excelent but the real revolution is in the ability to climb ladders from both SIDES!!!. How long did it take us to get to this point, so many games have free hanging ladders that make you feel stupid for not picking the right side in a time of panic. I even beleve some games (ones I can't seem to think of right now) will even let you get on the wrong side of a ladder just to laugh at you. Anyway are there any game design choices that made you think HECK YES!!!!. Oh and a shout out to mass effect 3 for not ever making you walk back to a quest giver. Because ripping a dragons heart out of it's chest triumphantly then haveing to walk back, feels like the equvolent of getting on a city bus.

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