A Game Diary?

Well, I guess I can write here every now and then when I have something interesting to write about.

Recently I hooked back up my consoles and started playing some old games. I'm currently playing a little of Drakan 2, and I recently completed Disaster Report, both on PS2. Disaster Report was actually really interesting. It was a little clumsy, and a bit too linear, but I enjoyed the change of theme and pace from most other survival games. I also own Raw Danger and I will have to play it sometime soon, also. I do believe that I will work on completing Drakan 2 for now, however.

As for PC games, I haven't been playing much. A little Guild Wars 2, a little Neverwinter Online. I just purchased a couple games from the GOG Summer Sale: FTL: Faster than Light, King of Dragon Pass, and Zafehouse Diaries. I also picked up The Real Texas and a bonus game from Indiegamestand. I'm pretty frugal, and about the only time I buy games is when they are dirt-cheap or I just really have to have them.

I also made a deal with a friend and am buying their Xbox 360 and a bunch of games. I'll have to make a list for them when I get them all.

Anyway, until next time.. whenever that will be!

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