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    Their giving them out like candy, but for peeps that are still looking ....CODE for PC:49D3Y-5LAVF-QMHKR49D9I-74RB6-JWJVC49DA4-WHWBC-D84YX49DC7-XAJ00-XWBJQ

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    @gizmo88 said: The day they release the GTX 980 is when they buy the 780. :(This comment made me look up some benchmarks and YES made me cry a little. All 780's, and the TI's even more, should be bur...

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    @rorie not knowing the WoD release makes me think this was filmed a week ago and makes me feel cheated, that Dan only gained 3 levels.Great video and hope we will get alot more WoW with these guys, li...

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    Im sure Rorie is furious about none of the puppy applications getting through HR, but atleast he's being a MAN about it.Can I still say that?Now fo real, good post by Jeff to state this for the masses...

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    25:28 Antonio Banderas .... kinda