Posted by Homes

Beat Fable. Working on the Lost Chapters part. Can't wait for Fable 2. That is all.

Fable 2.
Posted by AlexMarra

I beat Fable: The Lost Chapters about two weeks ago. Good game.

Posted by frankthelizard

Yep it is indeed awesome.

Posted by albedos_shadow

I've been thinking about downloading the Xbox Original on Live lately, but I think I'll just wait for Fable II.

Posted by xShR3Dx

Yeah I love fable the new one is my most annticipated game this year by far.

Posted by MaypoMan

I know alot of people who don't like it, but I personally think it's great.

Posted by Homes

Albedos, you should really check it out if you've never beaten it or played it. I had played it about 60% through about 3 times (1 on Xbox, 2 on PC) and I finally bought it on Amazon for $10 to beat it 100%. Don't regret it.

Posted by TonyS

Fable is a really good game. I put in a little more than 40 hours into it. I found the environment and the character design to be awesome and is still definitely pleasing to the eye to this day.

Posted by Tru3_Blu3

Same here. I hope Fable2 is more enjoyable then Fable1 though. Some people found the predecessor to be a little boring. I am, sadly, on the same note. Fable2 does look innovative, however. Can't wait till it's out.

Posted by zeus_gb

I could never get into the original FABLE on the Xbox, I dunno maybe it was because I hate using joypads for RPGs.

Posted by AndyWilliams24

I used to spend countless hours playing Fable on the original xbox, ah good times.

Posted by Homes

It seemed longer but my last playthrough was about 13 hours.