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@milkman: For me, this just lets me know that Taker will be retiring this year so we will begin to see more Mark Calloway as we get closer to that time.

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@bwheeeler: I saw that reported on Cageside earlier today and I hope this is a good sign.

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Because I have to go to bed so early I'm never able to watch any of the late West Coast games so that really sucks. Fortunately, I'll be able to watch the entire Conference Finals and Finals though.

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With Lang being on the Alt F1 podcast this week, I am certain he will be there for BLLSL4 today. I am super pumped for this show and will be watching way too much of this today.

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I really loved the movie and especially the ending. As someone who has been a fan from pretty much the beginning, I loved how they did the ending. I was definitely crying during the final speech by Dom and the ending scene was just gut wrenching in how amazing and beautiful it was. I knew I would cry but I never thought it would hit me that hard.

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@jiggajoe14: We should set up a pool to see what the average margin of victory will be in their series with the Hawks.

On the topic of the playoffs, the other series we have are a murderer's row of greatness. Clips/Spurs will be monumental in how much Pop will try and find ways to get into Blake's head. Bucks/Bulls will be great because we can see exactly how far Giannis and the Gang have come this year. I only wish they had Jabari because holy cow that team would be amazing to watch. Wizards/Raptors seems like it will be the NBA TV series so we won't have to watch it. Houston/Dallas will be fun to see if Playoff Rondo comes out to play and Portland/Memphis will be a bloodbath for everyone involved.

My predictions for the Conference Finals are Warriors/Memphis and Cavs/Hawks with Hawks/Warriors being our Finals matchup and the Warriors winning in 7.

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As a Royals fan who was born in 1987, I am loving how it feels to root for a team that can actually win games and compete to be in the playoffs. When I was watching them play the Twins on Monday, I was especially grateful for how excellent our defense is. The Twins are an awful team anyway but their defense gave me terrible flashbacks to when the Royals defense played like that.

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I recently read it and all the people who talk about a Hot Dog as a sandwich are crazy people. It's a hot dog, not a sandwich. Anyway, my love for Big Cass and Enzo continues to grow.

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@aronleon: I'm pretty sure I've watched both of them already but that won't stop me from watching them again. He is one of the funniest wrestlers because he's such a marble mouth but doesn't realize it. Anytime he has a mic, he can't string together sentences in a coherent fashion and it is amazing.

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In regards to Scott Steiner, when the guys were talking about the math promo he did and how Cesaro parodied it during Wrestlemania week, I looked it up and watched it. Holy cow is it hilarious and I had to stop it because I was laughing so hard. If you haven't seen it, here's a link to watch it.