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@fonkymucker: I learned that there are actually toe holds in built into the cage so he was able to fly up the side of the cage and make it to the top in about 5 seconds or so. He also pretended to fall off while he was halfway up the cage as he was coming down since people were heckling him about falling off the side.

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I was at Raw last night and brought the "Push Dr. Tracksuit" and "Run GFB" signs. Both were on TV during the Cena/Orton/Heyman promo. I don't have screenshots but they should be easy to get soon. I'll be posting my pics from the show later but here's my impressions from being there last night.

My thoughts:

  • Heyman coming out was huge but it didn't seem to come across on TV.
  • Foley coming out was great and possibly the largest pop of the night.
  • Orton at the start of his promo before Cena came out got flustered by all the "Let's go Royals" chant but it didn't seem as loud on TV.
  • There was a CM Punk chant during AJ Lee's match but it was short and then an AJ Lee chant got going.
  • The 6-Man Tag match went over really well the crowd was really into it.
  • Mizdow got some pretty good chants and it seemed to come over on TV as well.
  • The Rusev segment seemed to go over well but people weren't super into his match with Big E until the end of it.
  • The indie wrestler who took the superkick from Rusev sold it really well and Big Show's promo after it was well received as well.
  • The Total Divas match was actually alright since it involved two of the better wrestlers on the show in Brie and Summer Rae.
  • Cesaro and Ziggler was amazing and went over super well.
  • The main event did well and the crowd was really into it. There were some great spots and the image of Seth on top of the cage to end the show was an excellent one.
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I've spent around one hour with the demo and from what I played the driving system is very forgiving and you are able to recover from most mistakes fairly easily. You do need to be careful on corners and take them at an appropriate speed. The opening scene was interesting but I'm not really sure how to feel about it. The bucket list event was pretty cool and I'm wondering how they will make them harder which is something that seems like it could have some cool variations on. The plane race was really cool but I wish we could have been given greater access to the events. I'm not sure if I will purchase it yet but I am definitely thinking about getting it.

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After deleting SuperCard about 2 weeks ago, I redownloaded it because of the new update that has been talked about. I then spent another 25 dollars on the game. I really don't like myself right now.

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@chance_s: If you want to watch the entire show, it normally shows up on YouTube the next day, which is how I watch it so I can skip through anything I don't want to watch. For tonight, I hope that the Brock/Cena confrontation leaves it ambiguous as to who will win at NoC.

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I am a level 12 crusader but I'll be working on other classes also. Feel free to add me.


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My cards are:

Super Rare Big John Studd lvl 7

Rare Hulk Hogan lvl 6

Rare Brock Lesnar lvl 8

Rare Big Show lvl 8

Uncommon AJ Lee lvl 11

I am also waiting for a rare or better Divas card.

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For me, this has gotten me to finally purchase an Xbox One. I will be getting one around June since I'll actually have the time to truly play it but until then I'll still enjoy my 360 and all of the stuff I'm playing on it. Like WWE All Stars.

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I picked up Arkham Origins for 30 and Enemy Within for 25. Both on 360.

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If it doesn't break the game, I'd rather have a quiet system and some pop-ins rather than my loud 360 and no pop-ins. That is a sacrifice I am willing to make.