So I have decided to start streaming...

So I have never had the best gaming PC in the world. I still don't. I desperately need a new video card and I absolutely cannot afford one.

I have been interested in streaming for months, but I have always come to the conclusion that:

  1. My PC is not powerful enough to do it effectively
  2. My schedule is too erratic for it
  3. I am not very good at games

Something about this changed tonight though when I was on youtube... I somehow stumbled upon XSplit tutorials while I was going down one of those bizarre youtube holes people go down (you know what I am talking about), and in the comments, someone said there was an XSplit license sale going on right now...

I ended up watching all the tutorials, and buying a one year license (what is wrong with me?!) so I am going to give this whole streaming thing a shot!

Now I am not looking to make this a commercial endeavour, this is more something I want to do as a hobby in my spare time, I am really interested to see if I can get anyone coming into my stream or not.

I am going to try to blog on here about how my streaming goes, and if anything ever comes of it, I am sure nobody is going to pay attention to this, or my stream... but hey, what do I have to lose?

Oh also, here is the link to my stream, check it out sometime!

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