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Been stuck on this design problem in JetGetters for a while where everyone's flying around really fast. It means that people are either really far away from you, or zooming right by you too quick to really have some fun combat.

So one of the kickstarter backers today linked me to a game called SkyDrift!

Awesome! Ontop of looking really cool, you can see that SkyDrift is a kart-racing type of game. This means that everyone's in this clean chase formation, which is great for combat and everything we're doing.

Maybe if I could design a game mode that would herd people around a track like this, even if it wasn't a race, then we could provoke some fun chasing combat scenarios. Exciting! Gonna look into it.

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Yeah I'm more just talking about it so I can get into the habit of talking about it.

The No Time web game wasn't a prototype btw, it was a game I made I a weekend. A finished game! We only decided to build on it like 2 months later.

OH speaking of NTTE by the way, we're working on a Unity port of that. So yknow, controller support, better stability, ready for other platforms, should be a lot cleaner soon.

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Every facebook redesign goes through a hundred people and a dozen meetings. For the site to be so big, features need to go through loads of iterations before they prove to be an efficient enough use of space to stick around.

This interface text bothers me:


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From the trailer I expected it to be really gray and slow n boring, but whatever, those robots were pretty agile and all those crazy monsters were giant nuclear Street-Sharks.

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The front half of it felt like when I used to watch anime, and the back half of it felt like when I used to watch GhostBusters, or Honey I Shrunk The Kids or some other big dumb, corny adventure.

It was a good bit o fun.

I watched Real Steel last year and I enjoyed that.

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@zevvion said:

Now that I think of it, I remember being so disappointed at Rage's poor sales, because that game had great AI as well.

Yeah man I remember the enemies climbing all over the damn walls and shuffling between cover all the time. That spider-robot you could use was goddamn amazing.

I don't play horror games, but the stuff I've seen of Dead Space has really surprised me. They climb and sneak around all over the place, and of course you can blast their limbs off and they'll re-figure into a new behavior

The systems in Bioshock are generally really fun and creative enemy design. They'd get seen by cameras, use poisoned health stations, teleport, the big daddies don't attack you etc. That stuff all flying off together is pretty exciting.

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Yeah maybe if it was like New Vegas or something, but this is retarded!

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I just moved to the Netherlands and here they have a thing called Kapsalon, which means "hairdresser".

It's a square box of fries, then doner meat, then cheese.

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I played Bayonetta, but wasn't a huge fan of it.

Seems like you're supposed to dodge an attack by a close shave, then unleash on the guy in slow-motion- and for all the different moves and shapes everyone has, that's always pretty much the tactic.