Just showing off my Waframe here...

Hello, thought I'd share some thoughts on my Warframe and what my current weapons and loadouts are. So far the game has been enjoyable and hasn't necessarily required for me to spend real money to get some of the better equipment in the game. If you are playing the game would really like to here your thoughts on what equipment and mods you are rolling with.

Long Gun: I upgraded my Braton (auto) to the Latron (semi-auto) and am not really enjoying it which is a bummer considering I had to sell alot of my old stuff and mods to get enough in-game credits to purchase the gun, believe it was about 50,000 in-game credits. The gun is still at level 4 so I don't have too many of my older mods on it, so I'll keep on leveling it up to a point where I'll hopefully get a better feel for it but my main issue so far is I can't dump on enemies due to the limited ammo clip so I kinda have to be picky and efficient with my shots so far.

Pistol: I still own the starter pistol which hasn't been my main priority in upgrading probably cause I feel the main mods I have for it are sufficient enough to hold me through at where I'm at think I have a 10%+ damage and 15%+ lightning damage for it.

Melee: I was able to get the Cronus sword blueprint and build it in about 4-6 hours of playing, had to give up a bunch of rare fusion cores in order to decrease the build process time but since I was still in the beginning levels and the sword was pretty powerful I'd say it was worth it it. I also got a 30% fire damage mod on it which makes it my most powerful weapon in the game. Before the Cronus I did use the Furax fist melee weapons, and didn't like them due to how up close you had to be to the enemies.

Warframe: I'm using the Excalibur warframe which is one of the three free ones to choose from in the beginning. Seems decent enough but was thinking of possibly building towards and saving up some of the in-game credits towards a Trinity warframe since I haven't seen too many healer/support class in missions I've played so far but know players can go along way when in a squad with one. The Rhino was pretty sweet but I think its one of the few warframes in this game where you have to spend real money to get, so that will probably be out of the question unless I get fully invested in this game. So far its been great and one of the first few free-to-play games I've played in a while that I might spend some money in order to help support the developers.