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Alan Wake, a game which half I love and half I don't so much.

Dwarf Fortress, 'cos I don't particularly like the idea of playing it myself but am intrigued enough to watch the duders play it.

Prison Architect, since it's now in 1.0 and I'd love to watch Vinny play that damn game.

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Long story short, I was looking to play a game purely for the story and remembered Vinny's liking of 'Cradle'. Which on Steam also recommended me 'Gone Home' which brought back memories of actually really enjoying that game, but also of being somewhat disturbed by how loud (gamer + internet loud) and determined some people were to spread the word that this was a bad game.

I'm just curious if that was more of a gamer reaction to the fad arguments/debates that were happening at the time or if nothing's shifted or changed since.

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Peace Walker turns into a repetitive game via going through missions to gain extra gear which doesn't sound entertaining to me really and also kinda pissed me off with the semi-naked lolita fetish shit ending which is hardly deserving of a mention compared to the 'MGS numbered' ones. Well, maybe 4 isn't a game but still.

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So judging by the pattern on how these come out... Another in 3 hours??? Excited about the next bits.

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Episode 2 was 7 1/2 years ago and Half-life 2 was over 10 years ago. I'm pretty over it now, whatever.

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I came back and I didn't know if I would, so it's been great!

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@nightriff: Oh shit!

Mods should rename this thread Mario Party Watitng Room so we can keep coming back to it ;)

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My brain almost wants to turn off because most people who have a conspiracy theory are actually quite scary and insane when they talk about what it is they believe. As well as most of the time it being so fucking petty and meaningless to have some of those theories. Just fills me with sadness really.

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@nictel said:

Gonna guess this a US only thing

Nope, am in England, have beta :)

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When does it start and end on PC?