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@graboids: I think that if the portraits were in a three quarter view it could make for a nice Mount Rushmore-like composition especially considering what happens in MGS4 but with full face as it is now, symmetry might be a better option.

Also, this evokes Face/Off

@gaff: I'm sorry but does that film's hype text actually fucking say - "It's like looking in a mirror - Only Not"

Holy shit, that's hilarious.

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Erm, I have a GTX 670 sooooo wtf.

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I just don't have any interest in paying any attention towards demonising people for things that are none of the public's business really, from the start I've felt that GG holds just such a large amount of misplaced anger and the fact that they regard TB as they do or anyone else they like/dislike as they will is generally hilarious. Humans are capable of amazing feats but we're still a huge project in the making, we are not perfect but just stop spreading fucking hate and pain everywhere goddammit.

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Weird world we live in.

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@teoball: That kinda pisses me off right there, seems really lazy for them to leave that.

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@forkboy said:

Black also why did you make the poll multiple choice I can't not choose every option?

Realis(z)ed that after I made it, nothing I can do about it now :/

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It all seems a bit 'foggy' to me... know what I mean... huh... HUH!? ahahaahahaha... yeah...

The technology seems cool I guess but the duders need to make an actually GOOD game aswell otherwise it's just a waste of time for Square and an awesome exposure to tech for other rival companies.

Naming it Shinra Technologies is pretty awesome in a way, but it's basically teasing FF7 fans (me included) to wanting a remake which we'd mostly forgotten about (that teaser from years ago...) and the company Shinra isn't exactly a nice one so, I dunno how I feel about all of this really.

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Wait, I just realised Diablo 3 doesn't have a dance function, I don't know about that game anymore...

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You explained to her about your jealousy? Maybe you need a new hobby, to meet new people. Circling over those thoughts which hurt you so will only cause you pain, you gonna take your own life? Suffer forever? Or be bold, honest and true to your feelings?

I would recommend Counselling, just make sure you realise that for it to work you have to be willing to engage with it. Trust is important also so if you don't like your Counsellor let them know, it can be quite interesting what comes from it.