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Alien isolation because I dont like to play horror games but love the alien movies and that game looks real good

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Tank controls are not first person controls with a external camera, because if I were to push the stick left in a first person game the character would strafe left, however, in tank controls the character slowly rotates left which, to sum up is why I hate tank controls

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AirPlay to Apple TV from the Giant Bomb Video Buddy app

YouTube app on Apple TV

Or just AirPlay from website

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No they didn't live stream any E3 media briefings but they did live stream the announcements from sony and microsoft earlier in the year

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I quit in August for about five weeks then some guys at work kept giving me them so now i smoke one a day, five days a week when I'm at work for free!

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Just do what I do and get access to both, my PS4 settings have been changed to get US but everything else gets UK (cause thats where i live) so i can switch between them on different devices until i find something i want to watch

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Burnout bikes quick look but it took me a few years to realize this site even existed. I was trying o find out what happened to the gamespot crew for years!

Used to love watching on the spot