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@CrazyChris: Sorry I'm going to busy in close to Stockholm the whole time.
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I'm going to be in Sweden for a week for work. I guess no real gaming for a week. I wish there were better portable games and systems.

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ZombiePie sent me this is a PM.

"Firstly it's not your account that is glitched it's the site. Secondly it is limited to removing games and concepts in the "General Information," and "Related Pages" tabs on the right. If you had made a text submission this would not have happened. Lastly the glitch has been located by the engineers of the site and being dealt with. I know it sounds bad but we're just going to have to wait."

So it looks like the engineers have figured out where the problem is now it is just being patient for them to find the solution.
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I'm also having the same problem on multiple pages and I have used Windows 7 with IE 8 and Chrome 6 and Ubuntu with Chrome 5.

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I have a review that I wrote for the Xbox 360 version of Puzzle Quest. However somebody fixed the page a said that it was a XBLM release instead of Xbox 360. Now my review is orphaned. I can't delete it or re-link it to the correct release. Any ideas how to fix this?

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This could be cool. 
errrr....maybe not!!

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Jeff said something recently about it getting crowded in the basement. I wrote that off as having something to do with the new tested.com site when I saw that it launched. Now in the latest Bombcast at about 2:13:35 they talk about leaving the rotten fish can in the drop ceiling. They won't say that if they were planning on continuing to work in that area. So my question is "Are the Giant Bomb guys moving their office?" If so this could make some more cool videos because you know that they will break things. It would also seem the Lego set of their current office arrived at the perfect time for them to remember where they started.

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They are out now. I just got mine yesterday.

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What ever happens with 50 keep the EP going!!

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How do we remove or at least change the gallery that some of the screenshots are in? Bloopi is not actually part of the game.

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